House of Württemberg
Country Württemberg
Titles Count of Württemberg
Duke of Württemberg
Elector of Württemberg
Arch-Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire
Founded 1081
Founder Conrad I, Count of Württemberg
Current head Ulrich I of Württemberg

The Württemberg family is a European royal family and a German dynasty from Württemberg. It is currently headed by Ulrich I.

Family tree

This family tree only includes members of the family alive after 1517.

Ulrich, Duke of Wurttemberg
Ulrich I of Württemberg
b. 1487
Sabine of Bavaria-Munich
Sabina of Bavaria
b. 1492
Georg von Hegnenberg
b. 1509
Princess Anna of Württemberg
b. 1513
Edward VI of England c. 1546
Christoph, Electoral Prince of Württemberg
b. 1515
Marie de Villiers de Tübingen
b. 1524