Country Duchy of Croatia
Kingdom of Croatia
Titles King, Prince, Duke, Ban
Founded 845
Founder Trpimir I
Current head TBD
Dissolution TBD
Cadet branches Krešimirović, Svetoslavić

Trpimirović dynasty (Croatian: Trpimirovići) was/is a native Croat dynasty that rule(d), with interruptions, from 845 until TBD in Croatia and was named after Trpimir I, the first member and founder.


After the death of King Stjepan Držislav, the succession struggles between his sons Svetoslav Suronja, Gojslav and Krešimir had the Trpimirović dynasty divided into two cadet lines: the main Krešimirović branch (descendants of Krešimir) and Svetoslavić branch (descendants of Svetoslav Suronja). Gojslav was taken out since he had no descendants.

According to a version of the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja from the 12th century:

"...Cresimir [Crescimir] had a son named Stephen. After his father's death he ruled White Croatia and Bosnia, and after him they [his descendants ?] always reigned in Croatia..."

Family Tree

Trpimir I
Duke of Croatia
(845 - 864)
Duke of Croatia
(878 - 879)
Duke of Croatia
(892 - 910)
Duke of Croatia
(910 - 925),
King of Croatia
(925 - March 11th, 928)
Trpimir II
King of Croatia
(928 - 935)
Krešimir I
King of Croatia
(935 - 945)
Prince of Duklja
King of Croatia
(945 - 949)
Jelena of Zadar
(969 -975)
Michael Krešimir II
King of Croatia
(949 - 969)
Stephen Držislav
King of Croatia
(969 - 997)
Svetoslav Suronja
King of Croatia
(997 - 1000)
Krešimir III
King of Croatia
(1000 - 1030)
( co- ) King of Croatia
(1000 - 1020)
Stjepan Svetoslavić
Ban of Slavonia
(northern Croatia)
Joscella (Hicela) Orseolo
of Venice
Stephen I
King of Croatia
(1030 - 1058)
Peter Krešimir IV
"The Great",
King of Croatia
(1058 - 1074)
Demetrius Zvonimir
King of Croatia
(1075 - April 20th,1089)
Jelena Lijepa
of the Árpád dynasty
(married 1063, died 1091)
Neda (or Nada)
Stephen II
King of Croatia
(1089 - 1091)
Radovan I
King of Croatia
Anne Komnenos
Svetoslav I
Radovan Reigns
by SkyGreen24
People Radovan

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