House of Swan-Orange-Nassau
Royal house
Royal coat of arms of Westralia
Motto: Je maintiendrai (French)
English: I will uphold
Country Westralia-flag Westralia
Parent house House of NassauHouse of Orange-Nassau
Titles King of the Westralians
Prince of Swan
Founded 1870
Founder Alexander I of Westralia
Current head Alexander I of Westralia
Ethnicity Dutch, German, Anglo-Saxon

The House of Swan-Orange-Nassau (Dutch: Huis van Zwaan-Oranje-Nassau), known more commonly simply as the House of Swan (Dutch: Huis van Zwaan), is the royal house of the Westralia. It was founded by Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, later Alexander I of Westralia, upon his coronation as Westralia's first monarch, creating the new royal house as a cadet branch of the House of Orange-Nassau, itself a branch of the House of Nassau. The most prominent member of the House of Swan is its head and founder, Alexander I of Westralia.

Family tree

Alexander der Nederlanden 1851 - 1884
Alexander I
Alexander Dyce young
Theodore, Prince of Swan
Princess Alix of Hesse 1881
Princess Georgia of Westralia
Prince William of Westralia