House of Sung
Vương triều Sung
Country The Seven Stars Archipelago
Estates Star City Platform

Grand Palace of Hope

The Princesses Residence
Parent house House of Ratanavongsa
Titles Prince of the Seven Stars Archipelago
Duke of Hope Island and Star City
Style(s) His Serene Highness The Sovereign Prince of the Seven Stars Archipelago
Founded 1930
Founder Thanh Wu Qiu Ping Sung
Current head Dương Bao Yu Sung
Ethnicity Chinese, Vietnamese
Cadet branches House of Xióng

Royal Estates

The Grand Palace of Hope is located on an island connected to Hope Island City via a bridge. 

The Princesses Residence, commonly known as The Japan House for its homage to Japanese Architecture, is located on a island in the Hope Island Special District.   

The Throne

Yellow Iris Throne

Throne of the Seven Stars Archipelago