House of Spinola
Country Most Serene Republic of Genoa
Titles ;Serene Doge of the Republic of Genoa
  • Doge of Provence
  • Doge of Susa
  • Doge of Seville
  • Doge of Genoa
  • Doge of Cordoba
  • Doge of Granada
  • Count of Calatrava
  • Count of Granada
  • Count of Forcalquier
  • Count of Provence
  • Count of Provence
  • Count of Murcia
  • Count of Aracena
  • Count of Magla
  • Count of Almeria
  • Baron of Andujar
  • Patrician of House Spinola
Founded 950
Founder Ido Spinola (920-990)
Current head Serene Doge Cesare (1258-1320-present)
Cadet branches Spinola-Ausonian Branch - 1086
Alternate History: Spinola

The most illustrious House of Spinola is the ruling family of the Serene Republic of Genoa. Like most other noble families, House Spinola had humble beginnings, but through connections and very crucial alliance marriages, the house would come to dominate the politics of the Mediterranean. The house transitions power between male family members through the laws of agnatic seniority (through which males inherit based on age).


According to manuscripts of the time, Ido was a German mercenary hired by the ruler of the city Hardouin Ardonici (900-970). For his services to the city of Genoa, Ido was granted status as a Patrician in circa 950 and took the Italian surname Spinola. Ido would serve as High Judge of Genoa (951-962) and High Admiral of Genoa (967-977). After finishing his post as High Admiral, he was granted a hereditary position as Senator. He continued to increase the prestige of his house until his death at age 70 in 990.

Rising to power

Patrician Oberto (Ido's grandoson) was incredibly ambitious as he was patient. By 1066, he had served as High Judge, State Inquisitor, High Admiral for nearly 4 decades. He was well respected within Genoa and well known throughout the Italian peninsular region. In 1068, he bought the County of Provence for 1500 denari from the former Count. Despite acquiring a new county, he had more ambitious plans. However, before these plans could come to fruition, he died from consumption in 1070.


Belo Spinola would prove to be another ambitious Patrician. He would serve as Lord Chancellor (1068-1077) and High Judge (1073-1075) under Serene Doge Manfredo, with whom he grew extremely close to. His popularity among the hereditary Senators and the common populace made him a serious contender for the lifetime position of Doge.

On the death of Serene Doge Manfredo in 1077, Belo was elected by a vote of confidence from the Senate unanimously. Belo's election made House Spinola one of the 5 Noble Houses of Genoa. In his 17-year reign, he would continue to build up the power of Venice and wanted to strengthen Spinola's position towards the other noble houses of Genoa. He also unsuccessfully campaigned for his brother to succeed him. However, the other noble houses refused this and Belo was forced to accept that a republican Genoa could not be ruled by one family.


  • Total dynasty members: 331
  • Total currently living dynasty members: 75