The House of Spalding was, until 1969, the royal house of Scotland. Following the Scottish Civil War, the Spaldings fled Scotland and now reside in pretendence in England. The Spaldings came to power in 1889, when they overthrew the House of Mackintosh in the Third Clan Rebellion (also known as the Spalding War. The Spaldings converted to Catholicism in 1892 to appease the French but declared religious tolerance for all peoples of Scotland.

The Spaldings were despised by many Lowland clans, in particular Clan Lennox, and were regarded as illegitamte by the deposed Chattan Confederation. Known for manipulating their fellow Highlanders into policing the Lowlands, the Spaldings caused numerous clan rifts in Scotland and societal problems for decades. Their Catholic faith and "Frenchified-nature" resulted in deep misgivings about the royalty in Scotland during the 20th century, furthering regional and cultural divides within Scotland. With modernization under the Spaldings, many old clans lost their importance, resulting in near-civil war on numerous occasions. The Spaldings finally lost power in 1973, when the military ordered the royals to leave the country under penalty of death after a violent civil war.

The current pretender to the throne of Scotland is Henry John Spalding, who is forbidden by law to set foot on Scottish soil.

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