House of Orseolo
Coat of Arms of the House of Orseolo (GoN)
Country Flag of Croatia Dalmatia
Flag of Hungary (1946-1949, 1956-1957) Hungary
Flag of New Venice (GoN) New Venice
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Republic of Venice
Titles Currently:


  • Doge of Venice
  • Duke of Dalmatia
  • King of Hungary
Founded Unknown
The House of Orseolo (Italian: Cassa di Orseolo) is a European royal house of Venetian origin. The Orseolo family first gained prominence with the election of Pietro I Orseolo as Doge in in 976 A.D. In the 11th century, members of the Orseolo family ruled as King of Hungary and Duke of Dalmatia. Currently New Venice is ruled by a Orseolo monarch.

The original whereabouts of the Orseolo family is unknown, while they entered the Venetian political secene in 976 A.D. The house continued to have prominence in Venice with the election of Pietro II Orseolo and his son Otto Orseolo as Doges of Venice. Prominace outside of Venice also continued to grow with the ascension of Otto Orseolos son, Peter as King of Hungary, and his brother Giovanni Orseolo as Duke of Dalmatia. Eventually forced out of Venice in 1026 beacuse of its power they were allowed to return in 1031. They would serve as Govenors of New Venice in the 1700s until the eventual ascension of Antonio I as Duke of New Venice. They continue to rule New Venice to this day.