Previous Monarchs and Houses (Starting 1353, formation of the Northern Irish monarchy)

House of McDouglas (Ruling only Antrim and Down)

King Alexander I (1353-1376)

King Alexander II (1376-1394)

King Francis I (1394-1420)

King James I (1420-1459)

King Francis II (1459-1480)

Queen Margaret (1480-1512)

King James II (1512-1517)

King Alexander III (1517-1543)

King Harold I (1543-1568)

Wars of Northern Irish Succession (1568-1598)

King Alexander IV (1568-1569)

King John I (1569-1574)

King Frederick (1574-1576)

King James III (1576-1579)

King James IV (April 8th 1579-December 1st 1579)

King Harold II (1579-1582)

King Alexander V (1582-1585)

King Francis III (1585-1588)

King Christian (1588-1591)

King William I (1591-1594)

Queen Louise (1594-1595)

King James V (1595-1598)

House of McTyler (Ruling Most of Ultser and areas of Leinster)

King Francis IV (1598-1622)

King Alexander VI (1622-1645)

King William II (1645-1665)

King Harold III (1665-1681)

Queen Charlotte (1681-1709)

King Alfred I (1709-1729)

King Francis V (1729-1758)

King John II (1758-1776)

King Alexander VII (1776-1808)

King William III (1808-1838)

King Alfred II (1838-1858)

House of Mcilroy

King James VI (1858-1890)

King James VII (1890-1917)

Queen Catherine (1917-1946)

King Harold IV (1946-1970)

King Alfred III (1970-2011)

King William IV (2011-Present day)

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