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House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster
Imperial house
Coat of arms of Cygnia
Motto: Servir, Defendre, Mourir (French)
English: Serve, Defend, Sacrifice
Country Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and France
Westralia-flag Cygnia
Parent house House of Hamilton → House of Hamilton Campbell → House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster
Titles King of Great Britain and France (formerly)
Emperor of the Cygnians
Founded 1473 (House of Hamilton)
1485 (House of Hamilton-Campbell)
1831 (House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster)
Founder Peter III of Great Britain and France (House of Hamilton)
Theodore I of Cygnia (House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster)
Current head Theodore V of Cygnia
Ethnicity Anglo-Saxon, German, Dutch, French

The House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster is the Imperial house of the Empire of the United Cygnian States. It was first founded in 1473 as the House of Hamilton by Peter III of Great Britain and France, the first of the Hamilton monarchs of the United Kingdom. The House in its current form was established in 1831 following the accession of Theodore I to the throne of Cygnia, merging his family with that of his spouse, Alexandra York-Lancaster, to form the House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster. The most prominent living member of the House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster is its current head, Theodore V of Cygnia.

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