House of Habsburg
von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
Royal House
CoA Austro-Bavaria
Country Austria, Bavaria, Hungary
Titles Apostolic King of Hungary,
Archduke of Austria,
Duke of All Bavaria,
Duke of Carinthia and Carniola,
Duke of Styria,
Duke of Hungary,
Count of Habsburg-Wurttemberg,
Founded 11th century
Founder Radbot, Count of Habsburg
Current head Ferdinand, Apostolic King of Hungary
Ethnicity Austrian

The House of Habsburg, officially the House of Habsburg-Wittelsbach, is a European Noble House originating somewhere in switzerland. Over their long and illustrious history, the Habsburgs managed to rise to the positions of Dukes and later Archdukes of Austria. Habsburgs also briefly held the throne of Bohemia. This page aims to illustrate the Ruling Habsburg Line of Austria from the fifteenth century onwards

Family Tree

Archduke Albert IV von Habsburg (b.1377 r.1395 d.1405) --(1390-1405)-- Joanna Sophia of Bavaria (b.1373 d.1410)

  • Archduke Albert V & II von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1397 r.1405 d. 1455) --(1414-1455)-- Anna of Bohemia (b.1402 d.1465)
    • Elisabet von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1415) -- Became an Abess
    • Anna von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b/d.1418) -- Died young
    • Erik von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1420 d.1424) --Died young
    • Maria Joanna von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1422) --(no husband)--
    • Apostolic King Ferdinand I von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1425 r.1455 d.1487) --(1463 - 1487)-- Zofia Ujalki
      • Apostolic King Frederick von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1464 r. 1487 d.1494) --(no wife)--
      • Princess Alice nee von Habsburg-Wttelsbach (b.1466)
      • Apostolic King Maximillian von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b. 1470 r. 1494 d.15xy) --(1492-1514)--Emilia von Linz
        • Illya von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1495) --(1518-??)--Robert von Eggenburg
          • Karl-Franz von Habsburg-Wittelsbach(b.1520 d.)
        • Anna von Habsburg-Wittelsbach​ (b.1499)
        • Sabine von Habsbur-Wittelsbach (b.1504)
        • Elisabet von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1506)
        • Maria Theresa von Habsbur-Wittelsbach (b.1510)
        • Albert von Habsbug Wittelsbach (b.1514 d.1514)
    • Rudolph von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, Duke of Hungary (b.1434 d.14uv) --(1463-14uv)-- Zoe Garai
      • Ernst Von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, Duke of Hungary (b.1466 d.1524) --(1489-1524)-- Emma Ujalki
        • Charles (Karl) von Habsburg-Wittelsbach, Duke of Hungary (b.1499 d.1573) --(no wife)--
        • Julius von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
        • Anna Elisabet von Habsburg Wittelsbach
    • Herrkanzler Albert von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b. 1438 d. 1489) --(1460-1489)-- Alice von Trent
      • Markus von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1467 d.1536) --(1490-present)--[wife]
        • [children]
      • Herman von Habsburg-Wittelsbach
  • Margaret von Habsburg-Wittelsbach (b.1395 d.1447) --eloped in 1416 with courtier-- Name Unknown
    • Oscar (b.1420)
    • Ellen (b.1425)
    • Hendrik (b.1427)

Bold Indicates Ruler. Italics indicate current or former Heirs Apparent. Heirs Apparent to Austria are granted the title "Count of Habsburg" (pre-1450) or "Count of Habsburg-Wurttemberg" (post-1450) upon reaching the age of 16 (age of majority/independant rule) and are entitled to become Magistrate-General of Bavaria upon reaching age 30 to prepare them for the Rule of Austria (and later Hungary). Blue Indicates reigning Monarchs, Green indicates Dukes of Hungary, while Red indicates Heirs apparent who died in office.