The House of Habsburg is an important royal house in Europe, with its power base centered in the state of Austria. The royal family is currently the house of the Holy Roman Emperor.


  • Frederick III Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor, Head of the House of Habsburg. (1415 - ?)
    • Helena Palaiologina Habsburg (1428 - ?)
  • Frederick Constantine Hapsburg (1453 - ?)
    • Isabella Trastamara Habsburg (1451 - ?)
    • Maximillian Alfonso Habsburg (1484 - ?)
  • Maria Anna Hapsburg (1455 - ?)
  • Anna Theodora Hapsburg (1458 - 1458)

Missing Members

I am sure that at least one member or two are lost in the posts are missing. If you are able to find them, then please feel free to add them.

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