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The Royal House of Dersau-Bonaparte has existed since 1353, and have ruled the Duchy of Antibes (in name) from 1353, and in actuality since 1821.

# Name Started Ended Title
1 Francois Antibes-Carrignano 1353 1378Duke of Antibes
2 Leduc Antibes-Carrignano 1378 1401Duke of Antibes
3 Maurice Antibes-Carrignano 1401 1437Duke of Antibes
4 Charles Carrignano 1437 1463Duke of Antibes
5 Amadeo Solfino-Carrignano 1463 1508Duke of Antibes
6 Georges Solfino-Carrignano 1508 1551Duke of Antibes
7 Martin Solfino-Carrignano 1551 1573Duke of Antibes
8 Matieu Solfino-Carrignano 1573 1616Duke of Antibes
9 Amalia Solfino-Carrignano 1616 1649Duchess of Antibes
10 Hans Dersau-Carrignano 1649 1668Duke of Antibes
11 August Dersau-Carrignano 1668 1690Duke of Antibes
12 Juan Dersau-Carrignano 1690 1713Duke of Antibes
13 Martin Dersau-Carrignano 1713 1768Duke of Antibes
14 Eugene Dersau-Carrignano 1768 1791Duke of Antibes
15 Pierro Dersau-Carrignano 1791 1811Duke of Antibes
16 Gilbert Bonaparte-Carrignano 1811 1844Duke of Antibes
17 Paulo I 1844 1863Duke of Antibes
18 Georges I 1863 1877Duke of Antibes
19 Amadeu II 1877 1897Duke of Antibes
20 Martin III 1897 1915Duke of Antibes
21 Nicola I 1915 1944Duke of Antibes
22 Francois I 1944 1970Duke of Antibes
23 Fransesco II 1970 dateDuke of Antibes

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