Imperial House
Coat of Arms Second French Empire (1852–1870)-2
The coat of arms of the House of Bonaparte, by decree of Emperor Napoléon I in 1819.
Country Flag of France.svg French Empire
Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.svg Kingdom of Italy (until 1865)
Bandera de España 1808-1813.svg Kingdom of Spain
Titles Emperor of the French
King of Italy (until 1865)
Grand Prince of Algeria
Prince-Protector of Germany
King of Spain and the Indies
King of Westphalia
Grand Prince of Tunisia
Founded 1804
Founder Napoléon I
Ethnicity Corsican
(later French)

The House of Bonaparte was the most prestigious, wealthy, and powerful royal/imperial family of 19th and 20th century Europe. Founded amid the bloodshed of the Napoleonic Wars, it achieved ascendancy in Europe following the conclusion of the War of the Seventh Coalition and the subsequent Peace of Prague. Its most prestigious members, including the various Emperors of the French, went on throughout the remainder of the 19th century to accrue a great list of prestigious titles for themselves, quickly becoming one of the most accomplished, widespread, and important monarchic dynasties in human history.


A shortened dynastic tree of the Emperors of the French from the early 19th century to the mid 20th century.