Imperial House
Coat of Arms Second French Empire (1852–1870)-2
The Napoleonic eagle, symbol of the Bonaparte family after Napoleon I became Head of the House, in the Coat of Arms of the French Empire
Country Flag of FranceFrench Empire
Flag of Quebec(EMP)Kingdom of Quebec
Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of ItalyKingdom of Italy(Formerly)
Bandera de España 1808-1813Kingdom of Spain(Formerly)
Flag of the Kingdom of WestphaliaKingdom of Westphalia(Formerly)
Flag of the NetherlandsKingdom of Holland(Formerly)
(EEM)naplesflagKingdom of Naples(Formerly)
Estates Tuileries Palace(official residence)
Ville Eugénie(summer residence)
Ville Gisela(summer residence in Patagonia)
Palace of Versailles(Property of the French Government, used as Parliament in special occasions)
Titles Emperor of the French
King of the Quebecois
Emperor in Elba(Formerly)
King of Italy(Formerly)
King of Spain(Formerly)
King of Holland(Formerly)
King of Westphalia(Formerly)
King of Naples(Formerly)
King of Rome(Formerly, courtesy title only)
Founded 1804
Founder Napoleon I, Emperor of the French
Current head Napoleon IV, Emperor of the French
Ethnicity Corsican(Originally Tuscan)
Later French
The House of Bonaparte (French: Maison Bonaparte) is the imperial house of France and royal house of Quebec. Its most famous monarch was Napoleon I, while its current head is Napoleon IV, Emperor of the French.