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World War 3, USSR vs. USA

Welcome to the Hot Cold War Map Game. I noticed that there were Civil Wars, World War 2 and other types of map games but I noticed there was one type missing. World War 3.


  1. You may control two nations, one a major power, one a minor. You Must Post for Both, though, and they must be on the same side or one neutral.
  2. Be plausible, The Soviet Union will not become Democratic.
  3. No new countries with nukes, including puppet states.
  4. Four Seasons, a season a day
  5. You can not start as a First or Second World Seceding Nation like Croatia.
  6. There is a UN with resolutions and stuff here.
  7. Someone can be the mapmaker, he becomes mod.
  8. New turns start at 00:00:01 UTC.
  9. If you are getting screwed and you have nukes, you MAY do a nuclear attack but nations that you nuke with nuke WILL retaliate.
  10. I'll play as a minor country so I don't godmod.
  11. No switching from NATO to Warsaw Pact unless you are liberated. You may though join an alliance if you are unaligned.
  12. There will be a World War 3 in 1990
  13. Game starts in 1985.
  14. If you are a major player and you are inactive for three days without consulting me (Swollow), you are going to be replaced.
  15. 15. Game will start on January 31st.
  16. 16. We will have an algorithm.
  17. 17. I am head mod.
  18. 18.Mods can create national unrest or natural disasters. Mods can also control NPC responses to alliances.


Cold War 1985

Correct alliances as of 1994?

Okay, I made a map with the EG conquest of WG. If there is anything wrong tell me. NOTE: There are NATO and Warsaw Pact coloured. Swollow 17:56, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

Austria is allies to Brazil and Argentina. Charlietheunicorn

Ianian58: I had nothing to do, so I updated the map a bit, I'm not sure if it's 100 present accurate, all I did was give France a darker color, and put in Brazil and Peru;

Ethiopia is under Cuban control edwardx 10:51 20 feb

Anyone want to be mapmaker? They will automatically become a mod. Swollow 00:47, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

I can, I'm good at making maps. Enclavehunter 00:48, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

Good, you are now a mod. Can you find a map and put on player countries? Swollow 01:15, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

Yes. Enclavehunter 01:18, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

How's it look. Sorry, can you fit it in. Enclavehunter 01:30, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

Looks good. Swollow 02:17, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

May I also be a mapmaker? I am also good at making maps. Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 01:11, February 3, 2012 (UTC)

You Can Help and you are now a mod. Swollow 03:25, February 3, 2012 (UTC)



  • Canada-Wegscuba 23:51, January 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Spain-
  • Italy-
  • Greece-
  • Portugal-
  • Netherlands-
  • Norway-
  • Turkey- Visvamba 12:42, February 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Greece-
  • Belgium-

U.S Allies-

  • Japan- Patriotic action
  • ROC-
  • New Zealand-
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala

Warsaw Pact-

  • Soviet Union- TacoCopper 20:32, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • Poland-
  • Czechoslovakia-
  • Romania-
  • Mongolia-
  • Poland-
  • Hungary-
  • Bulgaria-
  • Albania-

Other Communist Nations

  • Nicaragua (Communist, but not WP)
  • Yugoslavia (Not allied to Warsaw, but Communist)-
  • Congo-Brazzaville (Not allied to Warsaw, but Communist)- The River Nile-2 21:12, March 17, 2012 (UTC)
  • India-JonAllenMichael
  • Cuba (Allies with Soviets)- Edwardx (4 ~)
  • Grenada Island: (Not allied to Warsaw, but Communist)- 20:38, March 9, 2012 (UTC) -De longhorn Grenada: Grenada's user retires and gives control of the Island to the PRC. 20:19, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

Former Sino-Sphere

  • China (PRC)- octiman10 16:38, January 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • Vietnam-
  • Cambodia-
  • Laos-
  • Anglo-German Alliance
  • United Kingdom- DeanSims<strike> 20:37, January 28, 2012 (UTC)</strike>
  • West Germany- DeanSims 20:36, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

Neutral (Add countries that you want that are neutral)-

  • Switzerland-
  • The Papacy-
  • Saudi Arabia-
  • Austria- Monster Pumpkin 01:13, January 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • Brazil - Ianian58 01:09, February 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • Peru- Charlietheunicorn1205
  • Colombia- Whodatmauri32
  • South Africa- Oxfordshire 1972 11:41, March 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • Honduras- Izlith Gwenda 04:39, March 21, 2012 (UTC)
  • Nigeria
  • Niger
  • Jamaica
  • Fiji
  • Andorra


Put your name down if you want to be a mod, a * means you're approved and a line means no.


Current Map

HCW Map &#039;96

1985 Winter(January 31st)

  • Canada: Starts working on nukes.

Soviet Union: Mikhail Gorbachev is sworn into office. He becomes General Secretary of the Communist party. He begins to work on the space program to help improve it. He also sends aid to India to help them "consider" their options. The USSR also begins to build up a new breed of tanks T-85 comes out with better armour and better ammo. Reform is proposed, but key high officials of the Communist Party oppose it to stop it from being implanted.
*India accepts the aid

East Germany: Reforms for the industry and economic sectors are made, slightly improving the national economy. New tank and Helicopter designs are made. East Germany also requests that the Soviet Union place nuclear weapons in the country.

Austria: The government offers negotiations for extended cooperation between Austria, West Germany, and East Germany. Security along the Hungarian and Swiss borders are reduced.

United States: President Ronald Reagan is sworn into office. Reagan authorizes more funds for the space program. An new breed of tanks, M1A1, comes out with better armour, and can combat the USSR's T-85. Reagan deploys more troops to Guam.

Mexico: President Madrid declares neutrality in the Cold War, and does not oppose Communism, but doesn't support it. More funds are sent into the military to combat the increase Drug Cartels. Security along the US-Mexico Border is increased.

France proposes the EU, a nation made out of the anti-Communist states of Europe. They begin to increase the size of their military and upgrade it with the help of the US. They form the French Commonwealth Union - made out of countries formerly French colonies (except those aligned with the Communists) and hopefully encourage economic and humanitarian aid.

Cuba: Work starts on a new type of submarine capable of carrying SLBM

China: Deng Xiaoping is declared supreme leader of the PRC. He intends relations to North Korea and The Soviet Union. The Military comes out with a new tank called the T-69.

North Korea: North Korea expands its military rapidly. A new tank is researched. Tensions of the DLZ get worse. Kim Jong Il strengthens the governments control over the country. North Korea ask to buy some modern aircraft from the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union agrees to sell some aircraft, and as a friendly gesture, they sell them at discount price.

India: India sends a delegation to the Soviet Union, in hopes that the Soviets will make another offer. India nationalizes part of its private sector, and begins a large urbanization campaign.

Great Britain: The UK begins to mass produce nuclear missiles and bombs for the missiles. The UK withdraws from West Germany, granting its former occupation zones rule under the West German government. British Berlin though is still occupied by British troops. UK troops begin to mass in the UK Sector of Berlin.

West Germany: W. Germany thanks the UK for withdrawing from W German territory, and it is suggested that both West Germany and the UK withdraw from their current alliances and form the Anglo-German Alliance.

UK Diplomacy: The UK agrees to the alliance proposal, and will leave its current NATO and other alliances except with those in the British Commonwealth this summer.

==1985 Spring==
Canada: Keeps working on nukes.

France continues to build up and upgrade its military, navy, and air force. They continue to promote the EU and French Commonwealth Union to combat the growing force of Communism. They begin to work on a joint space program with the US. They ask the US to cooperate in it.

East Germany: A new tank, the P1 Lynx, is mass produced and replaces the standard Soviet models as the main medium armour tank. A secret Nuclear arms program is created. The East German government offers new relations with West Germany while increasing security along the Polish Border.

Austria: The Austrian government holds a conference between Austrian and East German officials. West Germany is also invited. Issues include trade and general relations.

The USSR continues working on its space program, with plans to build to build a space station by the end of the year. The USSR also begins to mass produce more planes. They mainly focus on bombers, but also make some fighters to defend the bombers should they be needed.

Just saying, but by 1985 I'm sure the USSR's air force would consist of nothing but jet engine aircraft.

Thank you. I'll guess I'll just make the air force bigger, then.

China: China mass produces it's new T-69 heavy tank and produce assault rifles similar to the AK-47. New fighter jets and bombers (for both conventional bombs and nuclear bombs). The navy is expanded, with new nuclear powered aircraft carriers, destroyers a And submarines. More nukes are built. Reforms are made to improve the economy. Farming, industrial and military work is encouraged among the peoples of the PRC. China proposes an organization to rival NATO called the Communist Republics Alliance (CRA) to united the Communist world. Offers to join are sent to the Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba, and North Korea.

United States: The US continues to disturbed forces among its allies. The US hopes of establishing better relations with the PRC and East Germany.

PRC Diplomacy: The PRC will be willing to open discussions with the US
:: US Diplomacy: Can an trade agreement between the two nations be established.
: East German Diplomacy: East Germany would be willing to have better relations with the U.S.
:: US Diplomacy: US is willing to decrease its presence in West Germany, in exchange for an trade
:: agreement.
:: East German Diplomacy: East Germany accepts.
:: West Germany: Asks if the USA and France can withdraw from West Germany.
:: The UK: The UK agrees to support West Germany on this matter.

Mexico: Security is increased, and the government continues to fight the drug cartels.

North Korea expands its military and tensions on the Korean Peninsula gets worse. North Korea tells China to join the Warsaw Pact instead in order to also include Eastern Europe. North Korea ask the Soviet Union to join the Warsaw Pact. North Korea ask to buy China's Ak-47 like guns. A space program is researched.

PRC Diplomacy: In order to better relations, offers to sell North Korea, the assault rifles at a discounted price.

India: India requests AK-74's from the USSR as a stopgap until they can develop their own domestic rifles. They expand their military via conscription, and further nationalize the economy.

Great Britain: The UK continues to mass produce nuclear weapons and missiles as well as nuclear submarines. Namibia bought. Several satellites are launched into Space with nuclear missiles attached to them. The UK begins building the HMS Angloria, which is to be the first British Space Shuttle and it is planned to land five astronauts on the moon with two being woman. West Germany is offered a deal that will allow three West Germans to go on the shuttle to the moon as well. Secretly, three nuclear bombs will be in the Angloria's shuttle bay.

West Germany: West Germany accepts the UK's space shuttle offer. West Germany begins to mass produce the latest Panzer Tank, the King Tiger V. Plans for this awesome weapon are given to Great Britain as a gift. West Germany withdraws from all current alliances it has except for that with the UK.

1985 Summer

Cuba starts work on a new type of non-nuke weapons for their new submarines and asks to join the Warsaw Pact (hay who moved my spring entry)
France continues to build up, expand, and upgrade its army, navy, and air force. They allow talks with East Germany with France. They tell East Germany they will have economic aid from France if it transits to democracy. The French Commonwealth Union is officially, established, containing all nations once under French rule (except those that have become Communist).
:: East German Diplomacy: The government proposes some changes, such as the removal of the secret government police (the Stasi), and incorporating limited economic freedoms.
France praises the efforts, but also calls for basic freedoms, uncensored media, revealing corruption.
: USSR: The USSR keeps expanding its air force. It also continues its plans for a space station, with the components to be sent up to be assembled in space by the end of the year. Also, better rockets are researched, with hopes for a rocket that can travel longer at a fraction of the cost in fuel.
: East Germany: The government launches its first communications satellite as part of a secret space program. East Germany proposes that East Germany and the USSR work together on a joint space program.
:: The USSR agrees, and will have some Germans to be on the missions to the Space Station.
: Austria: Austria buys several P1 Lynx tanks from East Germany and also asked to purchase several helicopters from the United States.
American Diplomacy: Which type of helicopter: Black Hawks, Chinooks, Sea Stallions, or Hueys.
:: Austrian Diplomacy: Black Hawks would be nice.
:: American Diplomacy: Seven Black Hawks are on their way.
United States: The US begins to bring troops home from West Germany, but not a lot, just enough to keep its deal with East Germany open. Security is put on the Mexico-American Border, while Florida is armed in the threat of Cuba.
Cuba: Castro dies in a car accident death is mourned across the Communist world Raúl Castro takes charge
Mexico: Oil deposits are found in the Gulf of Mexico, and the government sent the military to secure it.
: China: China expands it's military. Anti-ICBM defences are researched. China starts its own space program.
*South Korea: Seeing North Korea's military expansion, the military is put on DEFCON 3, and reserves are mobilized. Meanwhile, they request the positioning of the US 7th Fleet in the East Sea (Sea of Japan), and begin to triple border patrols on the border. They also request to buy three wings of F-16 Fighting Falcons, equipped with All-Weather fighting systems. (Night is a weather in the US Air Force). They also request the US to send several AH-64 Apaches, as well as six more divisions of US soldiers in order to deter a North Korean attack.
**American Diplomacy: The US 7th Fleet is deployed to Pusan, and the request of South Korea are granted.
*What Country are you playing as ?
*Remember China, Chinese-USSR relations were pretty much crap back then. In case of WW-III, China and Russia would not be on the same team. Also, the Chinese didn't have the money back then to mass-produce nukes. Even now, they only have about ten ICBMs, and ten sub nukes. The rest of the 100 or so are bomber launched ones, and they don't have the range to reach the USA. Russia, maybe.
*OK, thanks for the advice.
*North Korea builds up its military on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea asks for Chinese help. A space program is resurrected. Battleships are built (weak ones) and placed on the South Korean Border. North Korea warns the South that invasion will be met with force from the Warsaw Pact and the other way NATO. The Chinese AK-47 are given to troops.
*Great Britain: Construction on the HMS Angloria continues, with the three West Germans arriving in London in early June. Mass production of nuclear weapons continues. The UK launches more nuclear missiles in their satellites to orbit Earth, although the satellites are still not much more than intelligence satellites with the missiles strapped to their sides. The UK begins to cut its alliances by withdrawing from NATO and asking for Non-Aggression Pacts with the Warsaw Pact Nations. The UK asks NATO and the Warsaw Pact to allow the UK to be completely neutral in any NATO-Warsaw Pact conflict, if attacked, the UK will respond to either side, if needed, with nuclear weapons. The UK secretly gives plans for nuclear bombs and the latest missiles to West Germany. Mass production of the King Tiger V Panzer begins and West Germany is thanked for their designs.
*West Germany: W Germany thanks the UK for the bomb and missile plans, and production of nuclear bombs and missiles to carry them begins at once. Mass production of the King Tiger V Panzer continues.
*India: Protests begin to erupt against the current regime against nationalizing industries, and with Russia not communicating with India, the government's bid to make new allies falls through. As pressure is put on the parliament, they declare that a new round of elections will be held in three months.
**UK Diplomacy: India is offered an alliance as well as plans for the King Tiger V Panzer.
**W German Diplomacy: India is also offered an alliance.
**Indian Diplomacy: will accept plans for the King Tiger V Panzer, and after the elections in the Fall will accept both Alliances.

1985 Fall

Canada: Keeps working on Nukes

France continues to build up, expand, and upgrade its army. It also begins to build its own nukes. The French ask the Brazilians for an alliance and trade agreements.

USSR: The USSR keeps expanding its air force, and the Space Station is nearing completion. They ask China to join the joint space program, and inform them that relations between the two should be improved. Also, India is given more aid since it has nationalized it's industry, and gives them AK-47s. They ask to be forgiven for being late. Research on rockets and space shuttles continues, with goals of being able to travel with less fuel and carry more continued. They also ask Cuba if they want troops there to protect against possible U.S invasion.
*Cuban Diplomacy: agrees to ussr troops
*East German Diplomacy: East Germany requests more Soviet soldiers be placed near Berlin as East Germany is afraid of NATO or Anglo-German ambitions.
*UK Diplomacy: The UK promises that East Germany will not be harmed, and asks both East and West Germany to consider reuniting, starting with Berlin. E. Germany is asked if three Astronauts would like to go to the moon on the Angloria with three West Germans and five British Astronauts.
*Just saying, it is impossible for space shuttles to land on the moon. You would need some other kind of spacecraft.
*This space shuttle drops a large landing module while the shuttle orbits the moon and sets up few satellites to orbit the moon.
*Okay, that would work.
*W German Diplomacy: West Germany would like to reunite with East Germany, but it would have to have a compromise government and Germany would not have any military alliances besides that with the UK, which is at this time no longer a member of NATO.
*East German Diplomacy: East Germany would support reunification, but states that no alliances are unacceptable.
*West German Diplomacy: W Germany doesn’t want to be a Communist dictatorship, but a republic with four parties in it: the Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, and Republicans. W Germany asks if a compromise can be made.
*The USSR agrees to send troops, and sends 250,000. They also give a deal to East Germany: if they keep their independence, we will send them aid.
*France supports the East Germany's demand for independence and moves troops to West Germany to support them.
*W German Diplomacy: West Germany is not being hostile at all, and asks that France withdraw its troops from the border, as W Germany now has many thousands of King Tiger V Panzers and is armed with nuclear weapons. E Germany is politely asked what its terms for re-unification are. The W German President would like to meet with Soviet and E German leaders in Berlin. The UK is welcomed to come as well.
*UK Diplomacy: The UK accepts and will send a delegate.
*West Germany would not have nuclear weapons unless they were given some from another nation.
*The UK gave them to them.

East Germany: Plans for a new satellite and a new assault rifle are made. Security is increased along the German Border.

Austria: Communist sympathizers stage a protest in Vienna. When riot police attempt to remove them, the protest turns violent and 25 people are injured.

The USSR asks that Austria doesn't remove the protesters, and instead to give in to their demands. Otherwise, they might have to intervene.

West German Diplomacy: West Germany asks politely to leave Austria alone, stating that if the USSR does leave Austria alone, West Germany will allow the Communist Party of W Germany 20 extra seats in the W German Reichstag. Although the 20 will be elected by the people from the Communist Party.

The USSR refuses.

W German Diplomacy: The USSR is warned: leave Austria alone or risk a nuclear war.

The USSR will back off, but wants to negotiate some sort of deal.

W German Diplomacy: The USSR is thanked for leaving Austria alone, and negotiations can commence, as W Germany does not want the USSR's reputation tarnished.

Austrian Diplomacy: Austria states that internal affairs of the country are for neither the USSR or West Germany to get involved in.

W German Diplomacy; West Germany was making sure it stayed that way, the USSR was going to invade and set up a puppet of you.

China: The PRC will gladly work on a joint space program with the USSR and agree that relations should improve. China offers North Korea to place troops and tanks in their country, to help them in the event of war from the south. Research continues on rockets, satellites and nuclear weapons. The PRC endorses the Communists in Austria.

Cuba: as his first act as leader Raúl increases troops in Ethiopia and grees with the soviet troops in Cuba

Great Britain: The UK continues to mass produce nuclear bombs, missiles, and submarines. The HMS Angloria, which has been under construction around the clock for some time now, is set to launch this winter from an undisclosed location. Mass production of the King Tiger V Panzer continues.

West Germany: W Germany asks for friendlier relations with East Germany, as their division was never voluntary. A trade and free/open border policy is offered along with the promise that any East Germans trying to leave W Germany without East German permission will be returned to E Germany. The offer of returning E Germans is to help make friendship between the two Germans become real, and not because W Germany is scared of the Soviet Armies. West Germany continues to produce nuclear bombs and missiles.
*East German Diplomacy: East Germany accepts the offer, but stats its concern of an Anglo-German alliance.
*W German Diplomacy: West Germany states that the UK will abide by the same rules if East Germans can also visit the UK. W Germany offers a non-aggression pact to E Germany.
*UK Diplomacy: The UK agrees to abide by the same rules as W Germany concerning E German citizens traveling to the UK as to E Germans vesting W Germany. A non-aggression pact is offered to E Germany to ensure that the trust will not be broken.

United States: More troops are sent to South Korea and its other Asian allies, while anti-missile systems are placed on top of the tallest building in the major cities. Research on an new-class of carriers begins.

Mexico: Mexico continues to put up security along the border, and fighting off the drug cartels in its lands.

India: In a surprise upset, the newly formed Khadar Party wins the election. The Khadar Party is seen as a Radical Left Wing Party, but not quite Communist. (Think Hugo Chavez.) A President, Aarav Sharma, is immediately elected as President, although it is sure to be a few months before Parliament can organize a new As his first act, he immediately expels the Parliament of India, and holds new elections for a bicameral "People's Council". Surprisingly, even though there was protests about the nationalization of industries, there is no protest towards this movement. Many people were glad to be rid of the Indian National Congress that had dominated Indian Politics for so long. India rejects both West Germany's and the United Kingdom's offer of a treaty.

South Korea: South Korea strengthens their border, also goes to DEFCON 2. Meanwhile, they ask for tactical nuclear weapons to be stationed in Korea, for security against the North Korean threat.

American Diplomacy: America will station nuclear weapons in South Korea.
: The USSR asks that America does not put nuclear weapons in SK, as they would be forced to retaliate and put nuclear weapons in Cuba or some other South American country, which could lead to nuclear war.
: UK Diplomacy: The UK offers to mediate the issue, as the UK is allied with neither side.
: The US recalls their ships, and the nukes there carrying back to LA.
: UK Diplomacy: The UK asks about secret negotiations on their users talk pages.
: The USSR thanks the US for removing the nukes.
Australia: As a response to US build up in South Korea, the Australians also join to help the US Army. At the same time, Australian bases are placed in New Zealand and Japan. Orders by the Prime Minister are given to recruit more men so that the military can reach into the size of seven million men strong.

==1986 Winter==Canada:Keeps working on nukes. asks United States for help

The US will help.
: Why were my posts deleted? DeanSims 19:30, February 5, 2012 (UTC)
: That was all that was there. I didn't delete anything. Enclavehunter 19:36, February 5, 2012 (UTC)
: There were after Canada’s, then China posted and they disappeared. DeanSims 19:40, February 5, 2012 (UTC)

China: The PRC sets up missile defences all around the country. PRC asks North Korea if they want troops placed in their country for defines. New ships, nuclear submarines and carriers are built. T-69 tanks are built and their assault rifle now known as AR-85 is mass produced and sent all over the country.

West Germany: Mass production of the King Tiger V Panzer continues as well as nukes.

Great Britain: Mass production of the King Tiger V Panzer continues while the nuclear weapons stockpile continues to grow. The HMS Angloria is launched into space, and it soon lands its module on the moon and sets up three satellites around the moon while orbiting the moon and waiting for the modules mission to end.

United States: The US continues to pull troops out of the less vulnerable countries in Europe, and deploys them to South Korea and Japan. The US launches more ships, tanks, and aircraft, and continue to train men for the US Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force. Garrisons in Europe are strengthen, and more troops are put into England.

Mexico: Security increases along the border, an new president is elected, and tells the Mexican people, that they've aligned himself with the US. After an vote in parliament, 49% are aligned with Russia and China, another 49% are aligned with the US, and 1% is neutral.

East Germany: Following an increase of foreign interest in East Germany, the government starts to mass produce Tiger tanks with upgrades bought from the Soviet Union. In order to confuse other governments, the tanks are renamed the P2 Tiger. East Germany also launches its new spy satellite.

East German Diplomacy: The government requests to purchase 12 F16s from the United States.

American Diplomacy: America will give the 12 F-16's to East Germany for free, as an symbol for friendship.

East German Diplomacy: East Germany thanks the United States for their kindness, and vows that they will be rewarded in the future.

Austria: In order to placate the protestors, the government enters conversations with opposition leaders.

France: The growing threat of war has forced the country to draft unmarried men between the ages of 18-45. The military, navy, and air force all continue expanding and upgrading. France calls for East Germany to join their side in exchange for protection and economic aid. They continue build nukes.

W German Diplomacy: West Germany military is now at full strength, and W Germany's people are willing there soldier to return Germany to its former glory. W Germany offers NATO and the Warsaw Pact an offer: help W Germany expand and return to its former glory and whoever accepts W Germany will help.
: PRC Diplomacy: ‘Though not a member of the Warsaw pact, China offers to help W Germany
: W German Diplomacy: the park is accepted and thanked
: PRC D: The PRC gladly welcomes their thanks, and as a sign of friendship, offers to send W Germany AR-85 assault rifles and several T-69 tanks
: W German Diplomacy: The tank designs are appreciated and soon accepted. But the King Tiger V Panzer is given to the PRC, which is asked if it currently has any allies.
: PRC D: The PRC gadfly accepts the designs for the King Tiger V Panzer, currently the PRC's only allies is North Korea.
: The USSR asks the PRC join Warsaw, asking that they forgive them for not asking earlier.
: PRC Diplomacy: The PRC accepts the USSR's offer, and says apology is accepted and welcome.

'India': Through secretly rigging the elections for the new People's Council, the Ghadar Party successfully wins almost 79% of the seats in the new Council, and thus a new Government is formed. A Chairman is selected from amongst the seats of the Party,and in his first act gives President Aarav Sharma most of the power in the State and changing his title from President to Premier, while the People's Council retains little power, but enough that it is not ceremonial. The People’s Council slowly begins to turn India into a socialist republic.

PRC Diplomacy: The PRC extends friendly relations to India
: Indian Diplomacy: India accepts friendly greetings, and sends a cultural exchange delegation to China in hopes of fostering a closer friendship.
: Massive aid is given to India from the USSR. They ask that India joins Warsaw.
: India accepts both.

USSR: The USSR continues working on its research programs, and the space station's parts and astronauts are sent into orbit. The air force is expanded and equipped with more bombers. The USSR sends troops to East Germany and Cuba to help protect them from foreign invasion. They begin a massive project to improve industry. {C}North Korea rapidly expands the military.

North Korea ask for support from PRC. More battleships are built. Aid is requested for troops from PRC and USSR.

Troops are sent to NK from the USSR to help them out.

Cuba: the first of their new submarines is produced it is named the Fidel after their late leader the sub is armed with six MREV carrying huge air fuel bombs capable of destroying cities.

1986 Spring

India: The Indian Space Research Organisation receives a major increase to funding from the Indian Government. India asks both the USSR and China for aid for its space program. India also sends out diplomatic teams to all Communist nations in order to maintain better relations, and ask for any potential trade or military agreements.

The USSR asks India to join the joint space program that exists among most Communist nations.

The PRC sends aid

India accepts both

USSR: The USSR continues working on its research programs. The Space Station is completed and fully operational.. The air force is expanded and equipped with more bombers. The USSR sends troops to North Korea and East Germany to help protect them.. New Factories are being built across the nation with better equipment to keep up with the west. .

Canada: Finally has nukes, thanks to the United States. if the united states wishes for anything, please let us know. They start mass producing nukes Keeps working on nukes

  • Sorry to be a killjoy, but how the hell did Canada develop nukes in the first place, and how are they "mass producing" nukes? They don't have the resources to do so! And besides, the Canadian people who overthrow their government before they get nukes.
  • That’s just it, they didn't. The U.S. was opposed to Canada having any Nuclear Weapons after the 1950s and without foreign aid it would take years, not seasons, for Canada to develop a reasonable stockpile of Nuclear Weapons.
  • Canada, if you want nukes wait until 1989 and you may have 10.
  • Sorry, I didn't know how to do this exactly, and I probably should have said "stockpiling" instead of "mass producing." Ten sounds like a good number.

Korea: Mobilization continues, and more tanks and battleships are build. They also begin building their submarine fleet, and develop more ASW techniques, as learned from the United States.

France continues to expand and upgrade its military, navy, and air force. Nukes are placed in Western Germany to protect East Germany from the USSR. They call for all of non-Communist Europe to unite to form the EU to combat the Soviet threat. They ask the PRC to encourage political reforms.

East Germany: East Germany opens a jet factory dedicated at creating East German copies of the American plane. Security is increased along the West German Border.

Austria: Austria inaugurates its first Communist member of parliament.

Sorry, but this game is turning into a tangle of implausibility.

Other than Canada obtaining Nukes, how is it too implausible?

Especially since a lot of modern European nations have Communist members in the parliament. None have a majority, but they are there... that's not implausible, especially in Austria who was neutral in the Cold War.

I understand that, but keep in mind that this is alternate history. Besides, if only one Communist person is in parliament, it won't affect much.

West Germany(Under Temporary Control by Monster Pumpkin): West Germany demands that France withdraw its nuclear weapons at once. The government condemns Austria accepting a Communist Party member into parliament.

United Kingdom'(Under Temporary Control by Monster Pumpkin)': The U.K. also demands that France respects West Germany's demands.

China: The PRC sends troops and tanks to North Korea, while military bases near the border are mobilized for quick deployment. The military produces the first model of the tank from the designs for the King Tiger V Panzer, it is renamed the Sun Tzu Model 1 Tank. The Premier is impressed by the tank and orders the mass production of these. The PRC proposes to the USSR that a central building should be built were representative from the Warsaw Pact would meet and discuss.

Cuba: Two more submarines are made. They also increases troops in Ethiopia reinforcing the Communist government.

I hope this doesn't come across as mean, but perhaps you should use a spell checker or something? You have the internet at your fingertips after all ...

1986 Summer

India: The economy is further nationalized in India, as it becomes increasingly more socialist. India develops two telescopes, one that is capable of gazing into the heavens, while another, and cheaper one, is made for analysing the Moon.

East Germany: East Germany requests that the USSR send aid to the country's fledgling nuclear program. Another satellite is launched.

Austria: Austria and Switzerland sign a mutual defence agreement. Austria also seeks to regain better relations with Hungary.

West Germany: West Germany asks that the USSR withdraw its soldiers from East Germany and also return the Kalingrad Oblast to East Germany

United Kingdom: The UK asks France to withdraw their nuclear weapons from West Germany, as they say it is an invasion of West Germany's sovereignty.

Canada: keeps working on Nukes
*Canada has no nukes. Period. That is extremely implausible, and the US would never support it.
*I mean that Canada is trying to produce a working nuclear device. they will get one in 1989, and they will have no more than ten.
North Korea: Expands its military and works on space program. More troops are put on the border of South Korea,

From now on, longer posts!!!

USSR: The USSR continues working on its research programs. The Space Station now has a name, Moscow. More parts are sent to Moscow to expand it. Research is done from here about the rest of the Solar System. The air force is expanded and equipped with more bombers. A better version of Communism is proposed, in which pay is more focused on quantity than ever, and inventions are encouraged by promises of wealth and an elite status. It also gives individual managers more power to be more flexible in situations. However, all property remains government owned. More bunkers are being built in major cities in case of a nuclear attack.

France continues to expand and upgrade its military, navy, and air force. Nukes are placed in Western Germany to protect East Germany from the USSR. They call for all of non-Communist Europe to unite to form the EU to combat the Soviet threat. They ask the PRC to encourage political reforms. They launch a man into space, but contact the Soviets during this.

South Korea: The South Korean government calls for North Korean units to stand down, and tells the USSR to stop building ICBMs. (There really is no point in having more ICBMs. One of the reasons the START and START II treaties were so successful was because nothing changed. They still had the ability to destroy each other ten times over, and ten times isn't really different from 20 times. I would suggest you concentrate on economic reforms instead. If you don't, the USSR will crumble in 1991. And when does WW-III start?)

Okay, I will fix it. I will however, keep building bunkers. WW-III starts in 1990.

The United States continues to deploy more forces to Europe and Asia, and the US Atlantic Fleet is divided and moved to New York, Boston, Charleston, and Miami. Anti-missile defines systems are built on the skyscrapers of major cities across the country, and an few to defend Pearl Harbor from an attack. Research into an new version of the M1 Abrams begins.

Mexico is continued to be caught in an division between Communist and democrats. Many Mexicans support Communism, while the government sides with the US and NATO. Mexico expands its military, and moves an large amount of soldiers to its southern border.

China: The PRC likes the USSR's changes to Communism and reforms its government to fit. Bunkers are built all over the country to protect the people, government, and military from nuclear and conventional attack. The new Sun Tzu Model 1 tank is continued to be mass produced and distributed around the country to different bases, cities, and borders, specifically near North Korea. Several nukes are made. Several communications satellites are launched, these will enable the military communicate to internally and externally all over the world. Several relocation satellites are being built.

Cuba: The Communist Ethiopian government collapses when a bomb blows up in their parliament taking most of there leaders in the blast following this Cuban troops seize control and impose martial law non-Communist rebels are blamed.

1986 Fall

Border Clashes occur on Korean DMZ, 25 dead. Protests occur in Hungary (Only) to have a more democratic country. India: India's Central Bureau of Investigation begins to investigate and arrest "nationalists" right-wing Hindu Indian group leaders in an effort to clamp down on dissidence. India begins to work on its nuclear program, after a long hiatus since the "Smiling Buddha" tests and begins to produce nuclear warheads. It begins to research missile delivery systems as well as thermonuclear weaponry.

Soviet Union: The USSR research has played off, when a new space shuttle that uses less oil while still going far has been created. The Moscow's research lab has been finished, and a Doomsday area containing Soviet history and animals has been started on, though won't be done for a while. Research about the Solar system has continued with better results since the Research lab has been finished. The Soviet military is increased in North Korea as a result of the border class. The air force is expanded and equipped with more bombers. The new version of Communism has had better results in the towns it was tested on, and will soon be spread to the rest of the country. The Bunkers are still being built.

South Korea: The South Korean government demands an immediate investigation into the border clash at the DMZ which killed over 15 South Korean troops. They also demand reparations to the families of those killed by the North Koreans. Protests and demonstrations erupt all over South Korea as people call for the cutting of diplomatic relations, not realizing that North Korea has no diplomatic ties with South Korea. Signs are put up, calling the North Koreans barbarians, and South Korean flags sell out in stores. The military is continued at DEFCON 2, and more troops are sent to the border, especially around the industrial centres of Inchon and Seoul.

The USSR asks that this thing is settled out through negotiations.

France continues to expand and upgrade its military, navy, and air force. They continue to place nukes in Western Germany to protect East Germany from the USSR. They call for all of non-Communist Europe to unite to form the EU to combat the Soviet threat. They ask the PRC to encourage political reforms. They launch a man into space, but contact the Soviets during this. They also declare all support to South Korea.

East Germany: East Germany is appalled by the conflict at the Korean DMZ and urges both sides to resolve differences through negotiation. East Germany mass produces a new gunship called the L1 Condor. They also produce a new assault rifle called the STG 86.

Austria: The Austrian government says it stands by the Hungarian protestors and will assist them in almost any way possible. The Communist member of parliament is arrested on charges that he sold classified information to the Soviets.

West Germany: West Germany also condemns the violence in Korea and suggest the reunification of the two countries, while hinting at the same time that both Germanise do the same. The Government supports the protestors in Hungary.

United Kingdom: The UK increases soldier levels in West Germany to counteract French influence. The government also tries to extend friendly relations with Ireland. The Queen of the UK suggests that leaving NATO was perhaps a mistake.

Canada:Is trying to produce a singular working nuclear device, which is estimated to be completed in 1989.

United States: Investigations into the border clash between North and South Korea begin by American officials, most of the officials tell the media that no country can be accused, saying that there is no evidence on who fired the shot first. The US also hopes to settle the situation by diplomatic means, but increases American alertness in both South Korea and Japan.

China: The PRC moves troops to the North Korean border just in case. Sun Tzu Model 1 tanks are continued to be mass produced and deployed. The military designs a new fighter jet called the F-86. They are started to be mass produced and deployed. The government announces to a contest to engineers around the country, to come up with blueprints for a new bomber. A panel of military engineers will examine the blueprints and the winners bomber will be built and be rewarded by being given a sum of money and a position in military engineering. Several relocation satellites are being built.

North Korea: The government responds that the South Koreans also killed ten North Koreans. Country Pride is never higher. North Korea ask for a nuke from China and USSR. The military is expanded. A space program will send a satellite up in the Spring of 1987. Bunkers are built.

Cuba: takes full control of Ethiopia and it effectively becomes a puppet stat with most of the old government replaced and work starts on a new larger type of subs capable of carrying ten SLMBs and also asks to buy tanks from the USSR.

1987 Winter

India: The Indians ask Russia for a Thermonuclear Warhead in hopes of examining and replicating it. India's Research and Intelligence Wing (RAW) begins to infiltrate Pakistan, in hopes of gathering intelligence. India begins to publicly announce its intentions of taking Kashmir again, and asks the Pakistanis to come to the table and discuss on a way that India may retake Kashmir.

East Germany: East Germany launches its first astronaut independently. After circling the Earth about three times the astronaut returns and lands in the Atlantic Ocean. The government formally requests that the USSR return the Kalingrad Oblast to East Germany.

Austria: The government requests the Hungarian government allow the protestors more rights. Security is increased on the Hungarian Border. Many STG 86 assault rifles are bought from East Germany.

Canada:Is trying to produce a singular working nuclear device, which is estimated to be completed in 1989.

Soviet Union: The Bunkers have been finished and now are being expanded. The Doomsday vault in the Moscow now has a complete copy of USSR history, and now animals are being sent up there, all of them will be part of research efforts because we can't afford to waste space, though should nuclear war happen those animals will be sent down to help rebuild. Plants are also sent up to feed the animals. The new version of Communism has been implemented across the nation with good results. Factories are also being equipped with better equipment. Consumer goods research has begun, with the goal of being better quality. As for the Cuban offer, they agree to sell some tanks, though they ask Cuba to specify.

France continues to expand and upgrade its military, navy, and air force. They continue to place nukes in Western Germany to protect East Germany from the USSR. They call for all of non-Communist Europe to unite to form the EU to combat the Soviet threat. They ask the PRC to encourage political reforms. They continue to support to South Korea.

China: The PRC launches several GPS satellites into orbit. They will help make weapons, bombers, planes and troops more precise and deadly. More nuclear bunkers are built around the country. Following the USSR's lead, china starts to build a doomsday vault. It will hold a history of the world, various types of literature, seeds from every type of edible plant, and a male/female of every domesticated animal. More Sun Tzu tanks, F-86 fighters and various other weapons/ammo and vehicles are mass produced. An engineer from Guangxi province wins the governments bomber design contest. He designed a bomber capable of flying from distances comparable from Beijing to Israel. It is capable of carrying two nuclear bombs and/or various conventional/non-conventional bombs. It also has various defences on board. He calls the bomber The Harbinger. Engineers on the panel are deeply impressed and a prototype is started to be built.

United States: An Doomsday Vault begins construction, and important pictures, history of the US, designs of weapons, vehicles, other technology, seeds from plants, and two animals from each spices on the planet. The vault will also have an supply of food for the animals. More troops are sent to Asia and Europe, and anti-missile defines and bomber systems are built. Two satellites are launched, both are for an new version of television called satellite TV.

North Korea: Starts construction on a 12 million people Doomsday Vault to hold people in nuclear disaster. The military is expanded and small bunkers are built on the border. A space satiate is send over as North Korea sends up the First Korean Sat tile in Space.(It is not a spy satellite.)

1987 Summer

Were going by Half Years know until 1990 which will be seasons again.

Soviet Union: In an attempt to boost the economy, more oil rigs and other natural resources have begun to be mined or drilled to be made into consumer goods. The Doomsday vault now has two of each animal on Earth, and six of every Soviet animal. Large amount of seeds for Soviet plants are contained up there too, as well as some other plant seeds. The Doomsday Vault is being moved to the actual city of Moscow as we need space in the Moscow(Space Station). The Vault also now contains areas for growing food, and enough space to hold up 1000. Similar bunkers are being expanded across the nation, all total are able to hold up to 100,000 people, an impressive amount of people that can be saved. There will be a large amount of bunkers being built in the Moscow area to save as many important people as possible. Also, research on anti-ICBM missiles has begun, in an attempt to build an anti-nuke defines system (similar to the Star Wars program by the U.S). Also, Factories are being built with underground capabilities in an attempt to increase production and to be able to restore manufacturing capabilities in case of attack.

East Germany: The East German vehicles undergo upgrading to improve their capabilities. Inspired by other nations, authorities begin the construction of a doomsday vault with the plans to put several members of all European animal species inside. Many bunkers are also built under Berlin and other major cities.

Austria: The government ceases relations with the Hungarian government until they increase democracy inside their country. The Austrian government debates on which alliance to side with in the event of an apocalypse.

Canada:Is trying to produce a singular working nuclear device, which is estimated to be completed in 1989.
*West German Diplomacy: West Germany offers Canada the pans for nuclear weapons if it cuts its alliances with all other nations except the UK and signs one with West Germany.

Please post more on your turns. Canada would do more than just develop nukes. If you only develop nukes, it won't save you when doomsday comes.

Cuba: the first two of there new larger submarines have been built and work starts on bunkers that will be able to store food and clean water

West Germany: West Germany begins a doomsday vault, and preparations for another space mission are underway. West Germany demands that France leave West Germany at once or face war, a nuclear war. West German troops seize Frances nuclear missiles and destroys them. W German troops prepare to invade France should France declare war for the incident, which W Germany and the UK warned France of, yet France refused to withdraw from W Germany.

United Kingdom: Another Moon mission is underway, with plans for another landing in 1989. The UK states that it supports West Germany's actions in seizing the French missiles in West German territory, and prepares to back up W Germany, and since both the UK and West Germany are completely and fully mobilized to their peek and armed with nuclear missiles. The UK prepares to land troops in France and seize its nuclear arsenal should France declare war. China is asked to help if France declares war but not to bring in the USSR and its allies as of yet.

Woah, you haven't even researched a manned space program. You had until 1985 a position against man-space flight. The only countries to reach for the moon within the next five years is America when they want and the Soviet Union but they would have to research for three or so years. Another, you can't "seize nukes". If you even tried they would probably nuke you. Also, West Germany haven’t researched a space program (as I can see). As of now, the Only Countries with Manned Space Programs are U.S, U.S.S.R, and now North Korea.

Correction: The UK and West Germany worked together on a space program, and it is very likely that if a country puts something into yours that you don't want, you can remove them( the country won't be happy though). East Germany also has its own small space program, capable of only sending men into orbit, like what North Korea can do.

1. I was meaning sneaking into France and stealing nukes, not the West German Thing

2. I cannot find Space Program anywhere in the past ATL. Though they could send someone up in half a year research with the U.K previous unmanned space program.

3. Yeah, I know North Korea will only be in orbit.

Several West Germans went to the moon with the UK, explaining that they have a space program.

U.K HASN'T GONE TO THE MOON. Or space for that matter in the game yet.

United States: NASA reinstates the moon program, and begins to prepare for an man mission in 1988-1989. The Doomsday Vault finishes construction, and another vault program, this time for local cities is planned. Major cities, excluding New York an DC, begin having vaults built underneath them, with access too them by multiple entry points in the building.

East German Diplomacy: East Germany askes that the United States and East Germany work together on another moon mission.

North Korea; Sends a astronaut into space. The military expands and a bunker is finished in Pyongyang. More bunkers are also built.

France continues to expand and upgrade its military, navy, and air force. They continue to place nukes in Western Germany to protect East Germany from the USSR. They call for all of non-Communist Europe to unite to form the EU to combat the Soviet threat. They ask the PRC to encourage political reforms. They continue to support to South Korea. They begin to invent and experiment on new models of tank battleships, military air craft, armour, and guns. They continue to build nukes.

Okay, you do read above post about them seizing nukes.

I took your nukes in W Germany, the UK and W Germany will invade you if you declare war

China:The PRC continues work on the doomsday vault.

==1988 Winter==
Border Clashes is Korea and Germany. 100 dead on each front. Relations between Warsaw Pact and NATO decrease.

Okay, from now on, you will stick allied to your power block. West Germany, France literally own part of you, they can take back their part of West Germany if they want and lose half of your country. East Germany, you are a puppet state of the USSR. You can't just sail off to the U.S to ask for a moon mission, YOU ARE A PUPPET STATE, not independent.

The way the East German Government worked was that East Germany could do what it wants to as long as it does not annoy the Soviets. So far they haven't complained but if they do, East Germany will stop. Also, before 1985 the UU, Britain, and France all agreed that their sectors would become Germany, but that they could station troops in Germany.
*West Germany: W Germany, fully mobilized and ready for war, retakes what used to be the French sector of West Germany and occupies it, putting troops on the border with France, daring them to retaliate. The King Tiger V Panzer now numbers in the many, many thousands, a few of those thousands are on the border with France should they retaliate. All nukes in what used to be the French sector of W Germany are dismantled and their warheads put near the French border should any French forces cross the border. Anti-ballistic and ICBM bases are constructed across the country.
*The UK: The UK supports W Germany's actions and offers its full support against France. Canada is once again offered nukes if it cuts its ties with all other nations militarily and allies with W Germany and the UK. Anti-ballistic and ICBM bases are constructed across the country.
Canada:Is trying to produce a singular working nuclear device, estimated to be completed in 1989. there is much talk of imminent doomsday among the nations. Canada starts preparing for such an event.
*UK Diplomacy: The UKL will give Canada nukes if Canada cuts all other alliances and allies with the UK and West Germany.
*Canadian diplomacy: The Canadians are unsure of why western Europe is fighting like this since Communists are pointing ICBMs at every major Capitalist city in the world. Canada is going to remain neutral in any conflict in western Europe, for they see all this as rather trivial.

East Germany: The Military is put on DEFCON 1, ready to invade West Germany should they invade France. East Germany calls West Germany's actions to be reckless and states that a nuclear war would devastate much of Europe. East Germany also calls on West Germany to apologize for the deaths of 100 Germans. East Germany asks two things of the USSR:

1. Increase troop levels in East Germany and prepare for a war over West Germany.
* W German Diplomacy: West Germany does not want war, it just wants to be free of French influence. W Germany does apologize for the deaths on the border with E Germany, calling it a horrific tragedy. Those responsible are put on trial for the crime and convicted. E Germany is asked what the sentencing should be.W Germany asks France to accept that W Germany is free of French rule forever. W Germany finishes its Doomsday vault, and construction of industries in these vaults begins.
2. Return the Kaliningrad Oblast to East Germany.

Austria: Austria is also put on full alert in reaction to the France-West Germany standoff. Austria warns that a war with NATO would be a disaster for any nation or alliance. Talks about whether to reinstate the Monarchy like Britain are underway in parliament, but it appears unlikely to happen anytime soon.

China: The PRC finishes its doomsday vault. Several hundred factories around the nation are equipped with underground facilities. The Prototype of the Harbinger Bomber is built and successfully tested. The production of several hundred of these bombers is started. Due to recent events the army, navy, and air force is mobilized. Anti-nuclear defences are started to be built. The Premiere, essential government officials, and military brass are moved to secure locations.
*Joint UK and West German Diplomacy: The two nations of Britain and W Germany ask China to cut its alliances with the Warsaw Pact so that it, W Germany, and the UK can avoid the nuclear carnage. Nuclear weapons and money can be given to the PRC if it accepts the request.
*USSR Diplomacy: Do not let those Capitalist dogs rule your nation. Those "Western Hounds" are trying to once again, dominate the East. If you stick with the Warsaw Pact, then money, weapons, and technologies can be trade with each other, helping push us ahead of the West.
*Joint UK and West German Diplomacy: The UK and W Germany want China to be at its highest possible strength ever possible as to combat the threat of Soviet Communism. Soviet Communism DOESN'T work, Chinese Communism does, we want China to lead the Communist nations of the world, and to prove it both the UK and W Germany will give China anything it asks for if it cuts its ties with the Stalinist monsters in Moscow.
*The USSR warns China that the West is just trying to create divisions in the Warsaw Pact. We cannot allow them to tear us apart the way they have themselves. They are arguing about who owns what, while we are focusing on the survival and prosperity of our people.
*Joint UK and West German Diplomacy: The UK and W Germany asks the USSR to accept the fact that neither the UK or Germany like the NATO alliance, and W Germany hates them for their victory in WW2. The Federal Republic of West Germany hates France and America, so we have something in common.
*The USSR apologizes, as it did not know this. It does ask that they do stop creating divisions in the Warsaw Pact, and we will support you against NATO.
*The PRC wishes to not split with the Warsaw pact nor with the UK and W Germany. We would like more help with nuclear weapons, it suggests that the four nations work on closer relations.

The United States is put on full military and strategic alert. The President and Joint Chiefs of Staff is evacuated to NORAD, and Congress is evacuated to the Greenbrier Facility. The Doomsday Vault is sealed, and several underground factories are being built in an top secret location.

USSR: The USSR sends many top officials, as well as thousands of engineers, scientists, designers, doctors and nurses, and a few workers as well are sent to the Vault and bunkers that were built around the nation. All Factories that were built with deep underground basements are now sending the equipment down there. All ICBMs are readied in the face of a West Germany-French war. More troops are sent to East Germany, but the Kaliningrad Oblast is to remain in Soviet hands. Tanks, airplanes, and thousands of soldiers head to East Germany and North Korea. The anit-ICBM missiles, though hastily finished, are equipped in Moscow, though no one in the government expects it knock out maybe, ten missiles if that. All aircraft based nukes are being placed on aircraft carriers and sent out to the Pacific and the Atlantic.

France continues to build up and expand its military. It gives aid to Eastern Germany to hopefully make it join the American side. They send nukes to South Korea to defend it from North Korea.1988 Summer.

South Korea: South Korea thanks France for its nuclear weapons. (Just to clarify, South Korea has received: 20 M1 intermediate-range ballistic missiles, each with an TN-60 nuclear warhead with a yield of 400k; 30 AN-52 bombs, with MR-50 CTC 10-25k yield, deliverable from the F-117 Stealth Bomber) Meanwhile, the military is put on DEFCON 2, and demands an immediate apology from the North Korean government, as well as reparations to the families of the dead. The military is mobilized, and troops are massed ahead of the industrial centres of Inchon and Seoul. Plans are drafted for the eventual North Korean invasion, with plans for counter invasion. Bunkers are built over the nation, stockpiling food and weapons. Their nuclear missiles/bombs are also scattered around the nation. A nuclear aircraft carrier starts to be built, named the ROKS (Republic of Korea Ship) Inchon. They request some nuclear powered subs from the French as well to have a "second strike" ability. They remind the North Koreans that they now have the capability to destroy the North Korean nation in a nuclear firestorm. Meanwhile, the Commander Third Fleet is moved into the East Sea, to defend from the North Koreans. Several dozen LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank) are built, to prepare for a counter-invasion on North Korea.

==1988 Summer==
Canada:Is trying to produce a singular working nuclear device, estimated to be completed in 1989. Canada keeps preparing for doomsday.

USSR: Research on anti-ICBM missiles continues, and all needed resources are to be given to the scientists. All other research are cancelled or are less effective. More tanks, soldiers, and airplanes are sent to NK and East Germany. They are also sent to other Warsaw states in Eastern Europe, as a buffer against the West. More nuclear bunkers are being built as war seems to be on the horizon. The Politicians and leaders of the Communist party are glad that no wars have happened yet, but learn from this lesson and the emphasis on Post Nuclear survival is increased. Factories across the nation are being equipped with large underground storage rooms for equipment. These will take three years to be completed.

The United States begins the construction of massive vaults to protect the population from an nuclear war. DEFCON 1 is still active, and practice air raid drills begin across the country. Anti-ICBM weapons are continue to be placed on top of the buildings of the cities, with many program to shoot down as many as possible. Fortifications are built along the shores and borders of the US, to protect the mainland from an Soviet or Chinese Invasion via Mexico, Pacific, Atlantic, or Canada.
*Err, China cannot invade the United States. The logistics would be a bitch. Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 00:20, February 14, 2012 (UTC)
*I know. It's an preparation, mostly because of the Soviets, but China is an threat. Enclavehunter 00:35, February 14, 2012 (UTC)
*Canadian Diplomacy: As a member of NORAD, we would never invade our ally except under very extreme circumstances.
China: The PRC builds more bunkers, scientists are moved to different ones. The military is mobilized and placed on DEFCON 2. Research is started on a space station. More guns, ammo, explosives, tanks, fighters, harbinger bombers, and ships are built. China asks the USSR with help with nukes. The doomsday bunker is readied. Anti-ICBM and Anti-Air defences are built.

The Soviets agree to help. We will give you all the nuclear bomb building information that is needed, as well as a factory in Mongolia that can build ICBMs and nukes. It was left a while ago, but new equipment can be sent to it.

PRC: China thanks the Soviets, the factory in Mongolia is opened and production started.

South Korea: South Korea requests more aid from NATO nations, due to the extremely numerically superior North Korean army. South Korea begins to secretly produce nerve gas, specifically v-agents, which stays on clothing for days, even weeks at a time. They continue to work on a carrier, which is due to finish in 1996.

Brazil: Since the dictatorships took place in Brazil, there has been large attempts to make a government transitions towards a Democracy, in that time, Brazil has established a powerful regional army -though not strong enough to match those of Europe, and much less, Soviet or American- and has built a large amount of nuclear bunkers, enough to save about 100,000 people, although, many of those bunkers didn't even had the capacity to preserve life for more than 50 days. After finally able to make a strong democratic transition, Brazil elected Lucas Cruz, winning with 70 present of the votes, Lucas Cruz faced high inflation problems, and declared a daring statement, saying that, by 1989, Brazil would be economically prospering; and created various government programs to hire people for Agriculture works, and started welcoming a limited amount of European and American industries. Brazil has asked all IberoAmerican nations, to form a union, or pact, with Brazil, to form a powerful economic and military alliance, and become independent of 'Western or Communist influence' and then stated President Cruz stated 'One Iberoamerican nation can only dream of confronting a European Power, but together, we can do much more than confront.' (Note: The player controlling Brazil has started this year, past years have been economic and social turmoil, with the exception of building up bunkers and small military build-ups.)

France continues to build up and expand its military. It gives aid to Eastern Germany to hopefully make it join the American side. They send nukes to South Korea to defend it from North Korea.

North Korea expands its military. More bunkers are finished, with enough to hold the entire population(but not all will survive as any in a ten mile radius of the nuke will die) by 1990. Another man is sent up to space and work on a space station commences.

1989 Winter

People of the World Worry of Conflict Over the World. Dow falls 300 points, sending the U.S and West into a recession. The Soviet Union occurs protests on finding peace.

The Soviet Union starts putting down the protests, calling them "dirty hippies who only get high and don't know what they are talking about". They are sent away to Siberia to live there for five years. Propaganda against them is put up in the affected cities to try to keep it from spreading. Meanwhile, now in secret, the military is expanded and construction on the emergency underground storage rooms continue.

Brazil: Due to popular demand, about 2/3 of the decently sized Military Budget of Brazil (around 80 Billion in U.S Dollars.) various bunkers for civilian and military personnel have been made, the former number for the carrying capacity of nuclear number in Brazil has increased up to 210,000, although, 90,000 of those numbers are mainly military and their family members. The President of Brazil has also announced the plan called Great Evolution of Brazil which shall be a government-controlled program, which will gather Brazil's brightest mind to improve the poor technology of the Brazilian Military, and social life. Political opponents of President Cruz have criticized him due to the lack of grow in the military, and have urged him to do so due to the rising tensions between Communist and the West. President Cruz has stated the military will only grow in technological form, but he shall not increase its size in any other ways saying; "The world is in the brink of an economic meltdown, why upgrade our military at such a time? We must help our people who are still struggling after all the dark years Brazil has had, I understand the worry of my fellow members of senators, but we must grow our economy, while the world prepares for war, Brazil shall stay neutral, and grow while the world economically shrinks; a war between the West and the Communist is none of our business, and if they wish to destroy themselves; be it."

Canada: the first Canadian nuclear device is exploded in the remote northern islands of Nunavut. The Canadians have built one vault in Toronto, which is mainly for government officials and important persons only. plans for bigger vaults are put forward, so that there would be large vaults in the capitals of each province/territory.

France continues to build up and expand its military. It gives aid to Eastern Germany to hopefully make it join the American side. They send nukes to South Korea to defend it from North Korea. They begin to install nukes in Italy, Taiwan, and Thailand to counter the Communist threat.

South Korea: South Korea accepts the French nukes graciously, and hopes that this will deter any North Korean attack on South Korea. To deter such an attack, they release a list of their nuclear stockpile, as well as say that they are in an effort to produce more. Nerve gas is also created, as well as some old fashioned sarin gas. {C}Nuclear stockpile:
**23 MI intermediate-range ballistic missiles- TN-60 warheads; 400 kt
**35 Pluton short-range ballistic missile- AN-22 warhead; 120 kt
**32 An-52 bombs- MR-50 CTC warhead; eight kt
All in all, 100 nuclear weapons, capable of wiping out North Korea and a sizable chunk of China. They warn those nations of aggression against South Korea, for they have the ability to destroy them, too. Meanwhile, several South Korean high officials are sent to a secret base somewhere (top secret), to continue the line of succession. Bunkers are also built all around the nation, although not many are expected to survive a nuclear strike. A Doomsday vault is also built, with all aspects of Korean history stored inside it. Construction also begins on a boomer, capable of launching nuclear missiles. The aircraft carrier remains in construction.

China: The PRC mobilizes the military. The Army is put on high alert and patrolling the borders, the reserves are risen, all together several million troops are at the ready . The Navy is put on high alert ships patrol Chinese waters, carriers at the ready and both conventional and nuclear submarines capable of launching nukes patrol the waters. The Air Force is also put on high alert, planes scrambled and patrolling air space, and harbinger bombers are ready at a moments notice. The command is in nuclear proof bunkers in isolated areas, as are scientists and engineers. The doomsday vault is sealed with a few scientists, engineers, soldiers, and workers. Underground factories are set up. Thanks to heavy production and the help of the Soviets, the PRC have a sizable arsenal of nuclear weapons. Sarin, mustard and chlorine gas is produced.

Brazilian Diplomat: In an attempt to enter an amiable relationship between Brazil and China, the President of Brazil has offered China a trade agreement in which the Brazilian Port of Santos would open up for import and export in the Chinese port Shanghai, which in Shanghai, China would also be allowed to import and export to the Brazilian port of Santos. If the trade agreement is accepted, it would benefit both countries, as it would allow young Brazilian Companies to export food and other goods that are in Latin America, and would allow Chinese Companies to trade Chinese goods in Brazil, and thus, giving both countries, although small, economic growth. And Brazilian presidents also points out the DOW going under 300 points, and claims this will help both nations stay strong in 'such a crisis'.

China: China welcomes this outreach for friendship, and opens Shanghai port to Brazilian companies.

East Germany: East Germany successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon with a yield of about 32-34 kilotons of the coast of Germany. German scientists produce chlorine gas and weaponized it. Army vehicles and aircraft are equipped with anti-tank weapons. About half of the bunkers are built throughout the nation. German history and art are archived and stored away

Austria: In a surprise decision, the government votes to reinstate the monarchy out of national pride. The new monarch has no powers, however. Bunkers are built across the nation in case of a nuclear attack. Austrian art and history are stored in some of these bunkers along with food, water, and medicine.

North Korea ask for 20 nukes from the Soviet Union for Protection. Another Man in sent into space. Mines are set up.

Peru: The government of Peru hopes that by the year 1990 the government of Brazil will accept their terms to be allies to assure each other's sovereignty from other nation and Peru has built their first Nuclear Bunker, holding up to 2000 people, mainly high level military officials and government officials, Peru hopes to be able to build more in the course of the future and has reached their hand of help to the country of Austria, to be able to import and export in the port of Bayovar and meanwhile helping small comers in Austria and also helping new companies in Peru.

Brazilian Diplomat: The nation of Brazil forms it's first military alliance in decades, with the Latin American Nation of Peru; in hopes of a great era of friendship between the two nations, Brazil has opened all possible commerce with Peru.

1989 Summer

Brazil: In 1989, summer, many things happened in Brazil. The government has realized the amount of immigration to Brazil has increased, these people are mainly coming from Europe (Specifically France and Italy.) and Jews from various regions around the world. In August, the first test of the Brazilian tank based off American M1-Abrams which Brazil gained the information from small companies from China, but the test was a failure, the tank was much slower, less powerful, and less protected than the American M1-Abram's. Brazil also has begun various government businesses, although it's critics say this is giving too much control to the government, the President of Brazil stated; "The people are the government." and high approval ratings for these businesses lowered the amount of critics. Out of the many businesses, one was a large Weapon-Making Company, which mainly sold to poor African and Asian nations, the company had high expectations of having more than 30 Billion U.S Dollars within a matter of three months, but made only ten Billion U.S Dollars. Brazil also had an attack, on November 2, a large explosion shook Rio de Janeiro, killing 53 people, Brazilian Investigations pointed toward groups coming out of Uruguay, but they have denied the allegations. Brazil has been barely able to improve their military technology over the past few months, the only difference in the military was the joining of 2,194 men into the Brazilian Armed Forces; making the Brazilian Army total 187,294 men. In foreign affairs, Brazil has been quiet, it has merely embraced Peru in economic form, in-fact, Peru is now one of Brazil's largest consumer, and it has even granted a 25 Million Dollar aid (in U.S Dollar.) per every month. Brazilian economic growth has grown from 0.4 present in 1985, to 1.4 present in 1989.

PRC Diplomacy: The PRC offers Brazil a shipment of AR-85 assault rifles and Sun Tzu Model 1 tanks
: Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil accepts the PRC's offer.

Peru: In 1989,summer, many changes have taken place in Peru. We have begun testing our new tanks that is fabricated by our allies Brazil. In our department of Lima an explosion killed at least 100 people and it has been confirmed that the bomb was of Chilean origin. Thanks to that attack we will make a full scale military attack to the capital of Chile La Paz and try to kill the president and capture Chile's territories and we are still waiting an answer from Austria.

Austrian Diplomacy: Austria accepts.
: PRC Diplomacy: The PRC offers Peru a shipment of AR-85 assault rifles and Sun Tzu Model 1 tanks
: Peru: Peru happily accepts the PRC's offer.

South Korea: South Korea continues to mobilize the army, and awaits the seemingly inevitable Third World War over the horizon. They continue work on the aircraft carrier, and the boomer is scheduled to be completed by 1990. Meanwhile, the DMZ is mined even more heavily, and combat patrols of aircraft and men thicken.

France continues to build up and expand its military. It gives aid to Eastern Germany to hopefully make it join the American side. They send nukes to South Korea to defend it from North Korea. They begin to install nukes in Italy, Taiwan, and Thailand to counter the Communist threat. They begin to prepare its citizens for war as they only got months to prepare. They begin to target nukes in one of the USSR's cities.

Brazilian Reaction: President Cruz of Brazil criticizes France for 'fueling up a war that could wipe out the human race' due to their 'gifts that can destroy a city in the blink of an eye and kill hundreds of thousands of people' to other nations, and their stationing of nuclear weapon.

France agrees to back down, and asks the Brazilians for an alliance and trade agreements.

Peru's Reaction: President Garcia of Peru warns Brazil to negate France's alliance saying "Our allies Brazil, must not condone France's negative action unless they were to make an agreement that would not put shackles to Brazil that are owned by any of the two power-blocs -NATO and The Warsaw Pact-."

Brazil: Brazil declines both France's request for an alliance and trade agreement, agreeing to President Garcia of Peru's statement.

East Germany: East Germany now has a stockpile of at least four nuclear fission weapons. All of the vehicles are upgraded, and the army is on full alert. All examples of art, history, and artifacts have been hidden away.

Austria: Extra security protocols are made to insure the survival of the state. The new royal family and top government officials are hidden in bunkers deep in the Alps.

USSR: Research on anti-ICBM missiles continues, and we will have a better defines against nukes. The original Doomsday vault has been expanded to be able to hold 15,000 people and two of each animal. It is holding four of any Soviet animals. Plant seeds are being held in the vault. Other bunkers across the nation can't hold as much, but do hold enough supplies for at least 3,000 people, as required by bunker construction laws in the Soviet Union.

The US continues to build the vault system, with the last planned for next year. Assignments to these vaults begins, with many being soldiers, scientist, teachers, officials, fire-fighters, engineers, movie stars, and others. Each vault is built to withstand an nuclear direct hit, and has an reinforced steel door.

China: The PRC continues building nuclear bunkers and vaults around the country. More tanks, guns, ammo, ships, planes, vehicles and nukes are built. The doomsday vault is officially sealed with every seed for edible plants, two of every domesticated animal, a history of the world, technology logs, weapons/ammo, supplies scientists, engineers and soldiers. Government and military officials are nuclear proof bunkers around the country.

Canada: begins construction of more vaults and nukes. the first Nuke is stored and ready for use. nine more are scheduled to be finished by 1983

1989 Fall

France continues to build up and expand its military. It gives aid to Eastern Germany to hopefully make it join the American side. They send nukes to South Korea to defend it from North Korea. They begin to install nukes in Italy, Taiwan, and Thailand to counter the Communist threat. They begin to prepare its citizens for war as they only got months to prepare. They continue to build nukes, vaults, and refugee underground cities made to be sustainable. Colombia:Amps up its navy. Korea: Korea begins to reverse-engineer the French nukes, making their first one by the end of the year. The boomer is almost complete, to be finished in the spring of 1990. Meanwhile, the military is mobilized, and more troops are sent to the DMZ. The DMZ is also added an extra layer of mines, and anti-tank rockets begin to be distributed among troops.

I might not be right on this, but isn't a DMZ a demilitarized zone, as in no military forces are there.

It is a DMZ, but nations can send more troops to patrol the border of the DMZ.

Okay. I thought he was sending troops into the actual DMZ.

Besides, both sides send troops in there, anyway, and no one cares.
The United States finishes the Vault System, and moves tons of food, and water into the vaults, allowing the population to last for two years. More soldiers and weapons are sent to NATO, Panama, and Korea. Another naval fleet is moved to Japan.

The USSR, with its leaders now currently operating from the Doomsday vault, give the order for all bunkers to begin prating air raids and ICBM attacks. All animals in the Doomsday vault have been sent to the stables and other containment areas. All seeds are in the farmers section. All Russian and Soviet history and literature, as well all tank designs, engineering plans, and space research has been put in the files area. Other bunkers in the USSR aren’t as prepared as this, due to budget concerns, but they all have enough space for 1,000 cows and pigs, but this greatly limits space for Humans to around 1,500. Also, large amount of seeds of wheat and other grains are contained in there. Research on anti-ICBM missiles has been partially finished, though not great, a lot better than the earlier model. Construction on underground facilities for Factories has been ceased, and although a lot of factories now have emergency space for their equipment and machines, a lot still don't have anywhere to place theirs.

East Germany: The East German stockpile now has seven nuclear weapons. The army's vehicles are upgraded with modern technology and new submarine and ship plans are created. Naval patrols are increased in the Baltic.

Austria: Austria conducts various drills aimed at protecting the people. The royal family is still safe in the mountains along with many government officials. The army starts closing the borders.

'Brazil: A second major explosion in Rio de Janeiro occurs, killing 82 people. Brazilian investigations point toward Uruguay, Brazil vows vengeance against who ever truly is responsible for the attacks. It begins a second test for it's tank, it is a mix of Chinese, American, and Brazilian manufacture, the tank created, is a heavy, powerful, fast, but costly, they are dubbed 'The Fist of Brazil, 'but, due to their cost, only 30 are made, Brazil also advances standard weapons for the Brazilian Army, using Chinese AR-85 Assault Rifles, and modified with infamous Soviet AK-47's, the result is the BA-21, although decent and matching to European Nations, it is not up to par with Soviet or American Weapons.

{C}{C}Brazil also sends their ally, Peru, a shipment of BA-21's, and one tank based off the American M1-Abram Tank, with blueprints to modify it to fit for the mountainous area of Chile, and expresses their support against Chile. In fears of a Nuclear War between Communist and Western Nation, although Brazil has stated they shall stay neutral, they fear American or Soviet forces may also attack them due to mere suspiciousness; and more nuclear bunkers are built for civilian personnel and food supplies in the nuclear bunkers are increased.

In Naval aspect, the Brazilian Aircraft Carrier São Paulo is massively upgraded, along with other Warships.

The economy of Brazil has surprisingly stayed strong during the recession, due to the only military expansions have been the building of the new 30 tanks, and the upgrading of weapons for the army; Brazil's Weapon-Making Company earned about 29 Billion U.S Dollars, mainly selling in African Nations, and Minor European Nations.

The President of Brazil, President Cruz, also urged Peru to begin an oil company.

Canada: second nuke down, eight to go. Construction of the vaults begins.

North Korea (Taking over for the User until he comes back Thursday) Ask for more nukes to be stationed in North Korea by the USSR, and moves more forces to the DMZ, as an counter to the South Koreans

China: The PRC completes a system of nuclear proof bunkers. The military is on high alert, troops are moved to the borders. More weapons and vehicles are built.

West Germany: W Germany finishes its stockpiling of nuclear weapons, and now has over 2,000 nuclear bombs and missiles. W Germany suggests the creation of the Warsaw Space Association so all Warsaw Pact members and extended members can share their space technology and together, and literally, reach for the stars. W Germany offers the USSR and East Germany direct alliance.

Great Britain: The UK now has over 4,000 nuclear bombs and missiles, and supports the creation of the WSA. The UK offers the USSR and East Germany direct alliance.

Both of these numbers are impossible. Even at their height the US and USSR only had about 5000 nuclear weapons each, and they were the largest economies at the time.

ok i fixed it

1990 Spring

The USSR, after receiving reports that East Germany was under attack, invades West Germany. However, the Communist party soon learns the reports were fake, and the messenger was killed. However, now with Soviet troops in West Germany, it is going to be hard to convince the Western powers of their mistake. (trying to create some sort of background for WW-III). Soviet leaders and thousands of lucky engineers, doctors, nurses, military experts, workers of every kind, and designers are all sent to the bunkers. The most important leaders, and the best workers of every trade are sent to the best Nuclear war bunker the nation had to offer, the Doomsday vault. However, for most of the nation, they are now working to defeat NATO, and draft has been implemented, most factories are being directed to war, and soldiers are heading off to the front line.

East Germany: With almost no choice, East Germany also invades West Germany, taking over the north with Soviet support. The East German government suggests that the USSR give several East German cities anti-ICBM devices.

The USSR agrees to install some anti-ICBM missiles in Berlin and a few other cities, but warns East Germany that it should not expect it to destroy more than a few dozen ICBMs, as their isn't much more time to design and create better models.

Austria: Austria is on full alert after the invasion. The country goes into full lockdown.

France begins to attack Eastern German cities through Western Germany. They begin evacuating civilians into shelters and bring more men into the fight. They spread propaganda telling people the war is to defend freedom.

Wait a minute, the rules say you only nuke if you are being screwed, which you’re not, as you are not at war with anyone. Two, would you nuke East German cities when West Germany and the UK threatened you multiple times. They also are not part if NATO so you have no obligation to protect West Germany. Everyone keep in mind West Germany is not part of NATO, so NATO would not defend them. Please don't delete other people's posts.

United States: The people chosen for the Vault System are placed into the system, while military forces begin advancing into Soviet-occupied West Germany. America declares an state of war against the Warsaw Pact, and begins an second invasion of the Warsaw Pact.

Brazil: A third explosion strikes in Rio de Janeiro, killing 241 people, this time it is fully confirmed they are from Uruguay, with popular support, Brazil invades Uruguay, 20 of the 30 Brazilian 'Fist of Brazil or 'Mega Tanks' are deployed, with support of the Brazilian Navy, and Aircraft Carrier Sao Paulo, Uruguay is invaded from four sides, but has massive resistance in some cities, the Brazilian 'Mega-Tanks' work perfectly, only one of them is badly damaged, before taking out 64 tanks that is. 90,000 men are contributed to the invasion. Attacks take place from Lake Mirim, Province Maldonado, Province Rivera and the province of Canelones, in which the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is, but, Montevideo is bypassed. In areas already occupied, major propaganda is put, and low taxes as well. Soldiers are instructed to treat civilians with kindness. Uruguay is blockaded.

China: The PRC military is put on high alert and mobilized. All the designated peoples are moved to the bunkers and the nation is run from them. Factories are put on maximum efficiency and the underground ones are finished set up and workers, materials and various officials sent there just in case. Defences are readied.

Canada: continues building vaults, at a much more hurried pace. since West Germany is not a member of NATO, they stay neutral in the conflict.

Cuba: Seeing all the wars elsewhere start to spared their control in Africa setting up Communist rebels in Somalia and other countries and finish building bunkers in Cuba and four more larger subs and one small one and 1000 new C1 main battle tanks.

Peru: Our country is glad to say that the president of Chile has died from a raid of our army and we have successfully captured Santiago . In other news we have built an oil rig to facilitate the movements of tanks of our allies. President Garcia has issued Senator Armando Villanueva as the Governor of the captured territories of Chile. We also are offering help to Austria by sending oil from our newly built rigs. In naval aspect we built an air ship carrier and the air ship carrier is headed to Uruguay to help our Brazilian allies.

Austrian Diplomacy: Austria accepts.

West Germany: W Germany, Seeing that the USSR, does not care W Germany drops all ties with the Communist World and asks to re-join NATO, although China is asked if trade and friendly relations can continue. W Germany drops the word of West from its name and proclaims that it is the true state of Germany, the heir to all of the Germanise from the past and their legacies, both good and bad. Germany troops invade East Germany and, along with British troops, take Berlin. German and British forces will use blitzkrieg tactics and liberate East Germany by the years at end at latest. Nuclear missiles are aimed at the Communist World, but not launched. Non-nuclear missiles are launched at Soviet positions and kill thousands as well as destroying dozens of air bases in East Germany and war industries.

PRC Diplomacy: The PRC will keep friendly relations and trade deals and will keep them unless attacked

The UK: The UK declares its support of W Germany and demands that the USSR withdraw from W Germany, stating that both it and the UK are part of the Warsaw Pact. The USSR is asked if the two Germanise could reunite. Seeing that the USSR, does not care the UK drops all ties with the Communist World and asks to re-join NATO, although China is asked if trade and friendly relations can continue. British troops in W Germany and King Tiger V Panzers launch massive invasion of East Germany and seize Berlin, which is cede to W Germany.

PRC Diplomacy: The PRC will keep friendly relations and trade deals and will keep them unless attacked

Now that's not possible, especially since the Soviet Union is in the same area and the fact that East Germany has the same tanks upgraded and equipped with anti- tank weapons. Not to mention East Germany also has a very strong air force, and I didn't see you say anything about your air force.

Now come on Dean Sims, that cheap. You can't go back several turns and change what you did. That qualifies as cheating.

Once again, your actions are not possible. Keep in mind that you are fighting the USSR and East Germany. Only the US could face the Soviet Union equally. Also, you are invading with tanks invented in 1945. Modern tanks are much better than that.

the King Tiger V panzer was invented in 1980 something, not 1945, it was a new model.

I looked it up. The king tiger is another name for the tiger II tank, invented in 1944 in Germany. No other nation further developed it other than the Soviets, who basically gave it up because it didn't work for them.

I made a new version of it but named it the King Tiger V for historical reasons.

Right... You are also aware that nuking the Soviet Union is suicide?

i said non-nuclear and that the nukes were aimed, not fired.

Huh, I must have not seen the word "non". Carry on. :)

It’s all right, and will do ;) DeanSims 17:03, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

Starting a new map game soon, Allies vs. Endnote.

When will you make it? Sometime today, I hope! Monster Pumpkin

1990 Winter

Peru: Our naval air ship carrier to Austria as a sense of allies and also to help with the probable incoming invasion of Austria and also along will be a tank carrier carrying our recreation of the tank sent to us by Brazil that is good for mountain ranges like such in Russia in other news we have completely captured Chile and even though there is anarchy in Chile the president of the territories now Called Reclamado (In Spanish meaning reclaimed and this will be the new name for Chile) President Garcia said the it will be controlled before the coming World War. In other news we (The allies of Brazil and Peru) threaten the country of Cuba for attacking the African territories and says If Cuba doesn’t retreated from Africa our military forces will attack in a full force military raid. We would also like to begin selling oil to the United States and to Russia at .90 the gallon.

France: France continues to send troops to invade Eastern Germany. They continue to occupy West Germany to be a launch pad for their invasions.

Brazil: Uruguay surrendered, after the majority of its territory was occupied, and Uruguayan Dictator surrendered, the majority of the remains of the Uruguayan Army has been forgiven, and have laid down their arms. But a small band of rebel fighters has been a nuisance for Brazil. Uruguay has been welcomed, and the reception for Brazil in Uruguay is positive for Uruguayans. Brazil, following their ally Peru, have demanded for Cuba to stop supplying Communist group, and demand for their immediate stop of foreign aid; and threatened an invasion due to more 'senseless killing in Africa' is being caused by Cuba. It offers Austria an alliance.

The Brazilian Arms Production, had a shockingly high profit, of 42 U.S Billion Dollars; the majority of the money has been put in place for repairs in Uruguay, and social building in Brazil. The military is now focusing of upgrading their regular tanks, which are outdated, unlike their 'Mega-Tanks' which are even more advanced than American tanks. They also concentrated on upgrading their aircraft. Brazil has also deployed 10,000 troops in Chile to stop any unrest, and they will leave by the year 1993. It has offered Austria a military alliance and trade agreements.

Austrian Diplomacy: Austria accepts the offer.

South Korea: The newly formed South Korean Military Council votes for the following: should a pre-emptive strike be launched on North Korea? The vote narrowly passes, achieving the super-majority needed by only one vote out of a group of 15. As the order is given, South Korean artillery strikes North Korean positions, while Tomahawk sub-munitions cruise missiles hit airfields and seaports. Almost every North Korean surface ship is hit with cruise missiles, taking out most of the North Korean Navy. Meanwhile, South Korean fighters achieve air superiority over North Korea, taking out many key communication centres and supply depots. Meanwhile, pre-inserted special forces teams begin assassinating key North Korean officials, and even getting close to Kim Il-Sung. Finally, the boomer is complete, and is fitted with 15 nuclear warheads. A land invasion begins taking place at the lightest place on the DMZ, advancing in several miles.

East Germany: In a surprising vote, the East German government decides not to use Nuclear weapons, as they fear it would destroy Germany. They ask West Germany the same. In retaliation for last season's missile strikes, the East German army launches a counter offensive against West German tanks, breaking through with the aid of Soviet bombers and Warsaw Pact soldiers. The offensive is mainly a success, with the cities of Hamburg, Bremen, and Weimar falling under East German control. The remaining East German air force, along with missile strike, bomb several West German factories. By the end of the season East Germany has to stop advancing, however morale is high from success.

East German Diplomacy: East Germany asks that France stops supporting West Germany, as West Germany turned their backs to France and NATO.
: German Diplomacy: Germany asks for peace terms and accepts the nuke proposal.

Austria: Austria pays close attention to the conflict in Germany. Some say the government is funding East Germany, but the government refutes these claims.

Australia Biulds aome bunkers.

USSR: The Soviet army in West Germany has continued to advance, and many high officials hope that West Germany is taken before the US can arrive. When world reaches the Doomsday Vault that South Korea attacked North Korea, Soviet troops and tanks in NK begin attacking SK tanks and troops. Large amount of aircraft are being sent to Korea to beat South Korea's dominance in the air. The Navy is being placed in the Pacific and in the Baltic Sea, and units near Japan get ready for a sea invasion. The Uk is asked, since we are both in the Warsaw Pact, if we can place troops there to defend against possible American invasion, which will be coming soon. More anti-ICBM missiles are being produced, even though they won't defend against much, some protection is better than none.

West Germany (Dean Sims is letting me control his nation while he is gone) attempts to re-join NATO, asking forgiveness and stating they must stop East Germany.

After reading the last few W. and E. German posts, along with USSR, French, and U.S posts, I can say my opinion that W. Germany is losing, but, due to extreme patriotism in W. Germany, and U.K support, they can't be beaten easily. The Warsaw Pact has a major advantage in the northern side of W. Germany, while U.K offensives have been decent in some parts, lack of manpower denies progress, and in a turn or so could be beaten back to the sea or back to W. Germany, in the south, W. Germany and U.K forces have a good advantage, but can't go in the defensive. Well, this is just my opinion, not an official statement. Ianian58 01:31, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

Cuba: increases army in Africa they now control most of east Africa and build 1000 more C1s and ground based missiles and offered support to the Warsaw pact

Peru Diplomacy : A military attack will be sent to Cuba do to the Cuban insistency to attack Africa the army will consist of tanks and another type will be air carriers and if necessary we will send nuclear material but only if necessary

Colombia: Due to our economic problems we have decided to join the alliance of Peru, Brazil and Austria and our President will now start to investigate the origin of the explosion in Caracas which is probably according to him it is of Argentinian origin.

China: The PRC for the time being will remain neutral, but the armed forces are put on DEFCON 2. Defences are readied and Chinese land, sea and air are patrolled and radar monitored. More weapons, nukes, and vehicles are built.

Canada:Continues building vaults. all important government papers, personnel, and important persons are currently sheltered in the Toronto vault

Germany: Germany launches a massive counter attack into East Germany and manages to force them back across the border. All people in the Warsaw Pact who wish for freedom from their oppressors are promised sanctuary in Germany and the UK. France is thanked for its aid. The PRC is asked for an alliance, as it was the UK and Germany who were your allies first, and the Warsaw Pact second. Massive bombing and air raids destroy most of East Germany’s industry and railway network as well as destroying East German Berlin except for historical buildings, as those are spared. Non-nuclear missiles are launched at all nations at war with Germany and the UK, destroying more and more industries and economies.

The UK: The UK declares war on the USSR and all nations at war with it and Germany. Non-nuclear missile strikes and massive air raids into those nations destroys much industry, economies, and most laces of business as well as agricultural sectors. Civilian areas are spared however as much as possible, and any civilian deaths are not intentional. The PRC is asked for an alliance, as it was the UK and Germany who were your allies first, and the Warsaw Pact second.

1991 Summer

USSR: Control over most of West Germany has been established, and the conquered lands are given to East Germany. Preparing for war with NATO, plans for invasion of Western Europe begin to be drafted. The leaders in the Doomsday Vault are getting ready for any potential ICBM attacks. All factories are producing from there underground facilities. The Soviet military has successfully pushed out the SK forces in NK, and start advancing toward Seoul.

United States: US forces counterattack and stop the Soviets outside of Seoul, and moves many American soldiers to form an defensive lines. The Vault System is enacted, and all registered people are to be order to the vaults immediately.

France continues to defend the country from attacks as well as defending South Korea. Also, they begin to get back Germany from control of the Warsaw Pact.

What? You can't just beat a nation with more troops and more tanks and advance as far as Belorussia.

France cannot beat both the entire Warsaw pact by itself, even without the Warsaw pact occupying most of West Germany. Not to mention, France has no incentive to at East Germany, as West Germany left NATO. the Warsaw pact is still winning in Germany.

Turkey Builds two attack subs.

East Germany: East German and Warsaw troops continue to advance, capturing several more cities. They stop at the Rhine River, and prepare to cross over next season. The air force and army strike most of the West German missile silos (courtesy of spy satellites), disabling but not destroying most of West Germany's nuclear arsenal. the navy is on high alert over possible British involvement.

Austria: The Austrian Army has forces along almost every border, ready to defend the country. The country launches its first satellite

China: For the time being the PRC is still neutral, but will have to enact war if attacked or asked by an allies. Defences are readied and the borders are watched both by land, air, water, and satellite. The military is still mobilized and still at DEFCON 2. Factories still produce guns, ammo, tanks, fighters, bombers and nukes. Several new satellites are launched.

German Diplomacy: The PRC is asked for an alliance, as it was the UK and Germany who were your allies first, and the Warsaw Pact second. And secondly, Germany was the one being attacked, and the USSSR the aggressor, China is begged to help its allies, as they did for China by forging the Anglo-Sino-German alliance, which was offered long before the USSR did. China is the only thing short of NATO which can save Germany, and Germany politely and honestly begs for your help.

Brazil: Having a fruitful year in Brazil, it has gained money from the disastrous war around the world, the Weapon Selling Productions making 65 U.S Billion Dollars, selling to W. German Resistance Movements, Communist groups in Spain, and African nations. It has begun a three-season test to make a new regular Brazilian tank. Although Brazilian 'Mega-Tanks' are even more advanced than those of the U.S or the Soviets, there are only 40. Brazil hopes to make a mix of German, Brazilian, American and Chinese manufacture of tanks. It has also once again warned Cuba to step back from supporting groups in Africa, warning it Brazil and Peru shall take action if they do not stop. Brazil asks Austria, for a program to allow satellites that would give images for Brazilian Military use and Austrian Military use, to defend both nations. It says Austria will spear-head the program, and Brazil shall fund it.

Austrian Diplomacy: Austria accepts and starts to send surveillance photos.
Germany: Seeing that the end may be near, Germany asks to unite what is left of its once great nation with the united Kingdom to form the United Kingdom of Anglo-Germany, or UKAG. Sluiced attacks against Warsaw Pacts begin, and the death toll for Warsaw Pact troops continues to mount. The German Military is put under the United Kingdom’s control.

The UK: The British government, shocked at Germanise proposal of unification, cannot deny the plea of its ally, and the United Kingdom of Anglo-Germany (UKAG), is born in London just days after the offer is made. The UKAG military is then unified and continues to attack the Warsaw Pact in Germany, with more troops from the British isles being sent to the German front. More and more bombing and non-nuclear missile reader are launched, nearing the death toll on the home and war fronts for the Warsaw Pact. The UKAG begs China for its help, while it asks France if the UKAG and France can sign an alliance, the Western Falkland Island will be given to France if this is accepted.

North Korea: Attacks South Korea. More Satellites are sent into space. The government is moved into a secure facility.

1991 Fall

In the German Front, East Germans reach the Rhine but most of North and South West Germany is in UKAG Control. In Korea, the lines are back to pre-war besides a pocket in Seoul,'

Guys, MAKE ALGORITEMS!!! No war is done until there is an algorithm. I’ll do though the Korean War.

North Korea advance stops in Seoul. A space station is set to launch into space in 1992 Spring. An alliance is offered to East Germany.

South Korea: South Korea counterattacks, and forces the North Koreans back to the 38th Parallel, where they then drive a little into North Korea. Meanwhile, the President is flown to a secret military base. Cruise missiles continue to batter North Korean positions. South Korean bombers bomb North Korean supply lines with impunity, due to having achieved air superiority due to the inferior condition and training of the North Korean army. Meanwhile, anti-tank missiles are given a priority, as they show a deadly effectiveness in the war.

Canada: Troops are put on alert in case NATO gets involved in the conflicts abroad. the adults continue to be built

China: A series of bomb blasts occur in Shanghai, an investigation is held and it is found that the South Koreans are responsible. The Premiere demands an apology and reparations from the South Koreans or face war.

France: France continues to battle at Warsaw Pact forces in Germany. Propaganda spreads to the French people, reminding them that they must defend freedom. More and more people are being drafted into the army.

East Germany: East German forces settle into trenches along the Rhine, not willing to advance until next year. East Germany begins repairing the damaged infrastructure. the occasional bombing is still in effect, so as to further weaken the West German war effort.

Austria: The government issues special survival equipment to all citizens as the prospect of Nuclear war increases. Safety vaults are being built, being completed on an average of one vault every two months.

The United Kingdom of Anglo-Germany: The UKAG continues to fight the Warsaw Pact, and asks NATO for aid. Canada is promised the Flakand Islands if it joins the war against the Warsaw Pact as well as a large stach of nuclear weapons. The front in Germany is stabilized and fortifications are built. The UKAG asks if peace talks can begin with a ceasefire taking into effect first.

Canadian diplomacy: Canada agrees to the UKAG offer, and starts sending troops.
: Check the Algorithm, UKAG has lost Germany. You need to make an algorithm for a counter attack now if you want back Germany.
: No, the Warsaw Pact stopped at the Rhine.
: Now the Algorithm crushed you in Germany.
: Canadad is now on my side and sending troops.
: UKAG Diplomacy: Canada is thanked graciously and the Flakand Islands will be ceded as soon as a declaration of war is passed. 350 Nuclear Misses are given to Canada as well as plans for the bombs themselves and the missiles that carry them.

Soviet Union: Troops continue to pour into West Germany, and in an attempt to dislodge the enemy, intensive bombing runs are now taking place in military bases and fortifications that are being build. Seeing that no nukes have been fired yet, more tanks are sent to the war zone, helping the war effort. Nuclear missiles are ready to fire, and have been aimed at the UKAG, France, and the US, as well as SK, Japan, Italy, and a few other NATO members.

UKAG Diplomacy: The USSR is asked if a temporary ceasefire can take effect and negotiations can begin.
NK Diplomacy: Ask for USSR not to point nukes at South Korea.
Soviet Diplomacy: Nukes are now pointing toward Western Europe and other NATO members. As for the UKAG request, we agree.
UKAG Diplomacy: Negotiations will take place on our individual talk pages so we know when the other leaves a message.

United States: Nuclear missiles are aimed at the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact, Iran, Syria, Yugoslavia, North Korea, and Cuba. American forces are recalled to the US to defend against an Soviet invasion via Alaska, and suggest Canada to do the same

NK Diplomacy: Ask the USA not to point nukes at North Korea. We are asking the USSR the same at the South.
UKAG Diplomacy: None of my business, but I think that’s a fair request of North Korea.
: American Diplomacy: America will not point nukes at North Korea, and turn more of them to the Warsaw Pact.
UKAG Announcement!:! The USSR has agreed to withdraw from West Germany in return for the wars end, and the UKAG agrees and reoccupies/annexes W Germany.

Just saying, East Germany did not agree to withdraw, so they are still in West Germany.

East Germany is asked what it wants to withdraw.


that’s not withdrawing. The former American sector of W Germany will be given in return for withdrawal from the rest of W Germany as well as a promise that the two Germanise will be reunited someday soon.

1991 Winter

In Germany, the Soviets withdraw from Germany, a major blow to East German Forces. The UKAG is fully pushed out of Germany. In Korea, there is a stalemate on the DMZ.

In the face of a War in Europe, Ireland joins NATO and Yugoslavia joins the Warsaw Pact.

North Korea builds fortifications on the DMZ. The industry is pumped up and an space station is sent up with two men living in it. North Korea offers a Ceasefire for six months starting in June. North Korea also ask South Korea to send its nukes back to France and America.

The UKAG: The UKAG declares the war officially over, and a shaky peace with East Germany begins as both East German and Anglo-German troops are in W Germany.

Canadian diplomacy:umm... do I still get to keep the Falkland Islands, because you ended the war right after I agreed to help.........

UKAG Diplomacy: Yes you do, I promised, and they are now Canadian.

East Germany: The East German army increases fortifications across Germany to consolidate their advances and their hopes alive. The East German government, because it is a puppet of the Soviets, agrees with what the Soviets did. The army, furious at what they see as a betrayal of their dreams, government, and allies, march on Berlin. The Puppet government is overthrown, and a military junta established in its place, establishing the Federal Democratic Republic of Germany. In fear of Soviet retaliation, the new government seeks to join NATO.

Woah, you aren’t just going to turn democratic. YOU WILL STAY COMMUNIST(or an non-democracy government) unless captured. This is implausible. A military junta though is not implausible but it can't be a democracy. Another thing, your people were just at war against UKAG and France which is in NATO, your people are going to want to be Communist, not BFF with a country you went to war against.

It's not a democracy. What I did is combined the names of East Germany (German Democratic Republic) and West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany). The country is not a democracy at the moment. But since the UKAG is in the Warsaw Pact, it would only make sense for the new country to seek help from NATO. Besides, since most people didn't like East Germany, even inside the country, they would support joining NATO.

1. UKAG was not in the Warsaw Pact. The USSR and UKAG going to war ended it.

2. Remember, I said no switching sides but you may go natural.

3. Sorry about the democracy thing but you need to be one to be in NATO.

It’s going to be hard to be neutral if UKAG doesn't leave me alone.

UKAG Diplomacy: The USSR is offered a deal, let the UKAG and the USSR defeat the E German scum, and let the UKAG annex E Germany and then have Germany and the UK separate. The new Germany would have the Communist government of before in place but be under the W Germanise controller.

FDRG Diplomacy: Why are you suggesting that the Soviets invade when the army just overthrew the Communist government?

UKAG Diplomacy: The UKAG Army launches a massive assault against the East German rebels and pushes them out of the northern 2/3rds of W Germany. E Germany is told that if it retaliates, nuclear weapons will be used.

Once again, why are you attacking the new German republic that overthrew the Communists? Not to mention, most of your nukes have been knocked out.

you are not a true republic and occupy the lands of the UKAG, so get out.

The reason why it’s not a true republic yet is because the old government was just overthrown. It doesn't have time to hold elections yet.

I'd made an algorithm, no change of lands.

I will stop attacking you if you put the FDRG under my user control. You can find a new country, there’s plenty left, is that alight.

Why should I transfer my nation over to you when your other nation is a world power and mine is not.

Dean, you could do the same too as you only have one nation.

Austria: Austria sends humanitarian aid into Germany, and also seeks to join NATO following the Soviet withdrawal. A draft is now issued in preparation. Security vaults continue to be built.

Canada: Vaults continue to be built. Canada keeps troops at the ready in case of a soviet invasion. the missiles shipped by the UKAG are set up, and aimed for targets in the Warsaw pact. engineers review the plan given by the UKAG, and see about the possibility of making more.

France: France celebrates the Soviet withdrawal from Germany. They begin to send relief effort to the Germans and help prepare them for war against the Soviets.

FDRG Diplomacy: The New German government requests aid from France and askes its help in joining NATO.

Brazil: Brazil annexes Paraguay, after a major national poll is held in Paraguay, and the majority of the citizen wished for Paraguay to secede to Brazil. Brazil now boasts an army of 1.1 million men, and a powerful navy, it requests to send 20,000 Brazilian soldiers to Austria, fearing one of the sides will attack Austria, and the economy grows by 1.1 present, not as impressive as a few years ago. President Cruz wins re-election, and vows Brazil shall have a 4.2 present growth by next year.

Actually, you may want to do a RNG to decide in the future. As for now, I got a yes RNG for you (1-5 No, 6-10 Yes, Got 6).

Austrian Diplomacy: Austria accepts, and suggests that both Brazil and Austria join NATO.
The UKAG: The UKAG will keep W Germany, or unleash a nuclear firebomb against East Germany.

Using a nuclear weapon on a nation that is trying to negotiate a peace agreement would demonize you in the eyes of both the Warsaw Pact and NATO.

Announcement: Dean Sims has resigned, and placed his nation, the United Kingdom of Anglo-Germany, under the control of the Federal Democratic Republic of Germany. The two countries are now united and ready to face the world in a neutral stance. Regards, Monster Pumpkin

No, they will stay independent for it would be implausible for Warring countries to just merge. Swollow

fine, the UKAG will stay under my (DS's), control. The UKAG proposes a ceasefire and negotiations with the FDRG.

China:The PRC asks the UK to buy Hong Kong from them since it's majority Chinese population. The PRC also buys Macau from Portugal. More vaults and bunkers are built. Engineers develop their own ICBM, these are produced.

South Korea: South Korea accepts the cease-fire, but refuses to send back the nukes. They finish construction on the Aircraft Carrier, and it is fitted with nuclear weapons.

Peru: The proposition from Austria for the allies to join NATO is unacceptable and if they accept Peru will end our future as allies and in military news another carrier has been made and its being sanded to Cuba to end hard ships in the African nations. In other news President Garcia loses re-election to new president Alberto Fujimori who has made a anti-terrorism agency called Los Servicios Secretos del Peru

Austria Diplomacy: It was for Brazil and Austria, not for Peru.

1992 Spring

In Austria, a Communist uprising starts in response for the sought after goal of the government to join NATO.

  • The UKAG: The UKAG asks for a ceasefire and peace talks to begin with the FDRG.
  • North Korea: Grows its military presence and sends up men to its space station. More ships are built.
  • France: It agrees to give aid to Germany to strengthen the military to help fight against the Soviets. They send troops to Austria to put down the uprising fearing it will cause the Soviet takeover of that country.
  • Israel : A Hamas suicide bomber explodes in Jerusalem, somehow getting past security. He was part of a wave of bombers all over Israel, who were taking advantage of World War III around them, as they thought that the US would not interfere. In the end of the attacks, over 300 are killed, and over 1,000 injured. The enraged Israeli people begin calling for a complete neutralization of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. The Mossad finds evidence that the nations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, the four surrounding nations of Israel, had been supplying and giving shelter to the terrorists. In a perceptive strike, operation Star of David is launched, and in one swoop, the air forces of Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan were destroyed, as they had been very small, anyway. Meanwhile, they begin a fast ground campaign against Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, taking control of Beirut in one month, Amman in 3, while still fighting in Syria for Damascus. Meanwhile, in the Sinai, operation Desert Panther is launched, in which a vicious attack is launched against Egypt. The Egyptian troops are caught off guard, and are easily destroyed by superior Israeli equipment, training, and numbers. Israel takes control of the Sinai, as well as all of Lebanon, parts of Syria and most of Jordan.
    • PRC Diplomacy: The PRC offers Israelis a hand in friendship
    • Israel Diplomacy: Israel declines rudely :) as that they are in a state of war with their ally, South Korea.
  • South Korea: South Korea, in a surprise attack, again with cruise missiles and airstrikes, invade North Korea. This time, a tactical nuclear weapon is used, paving the way for South Korean troops. Meanwhile, a South Korean special forces team takes out Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung in one swoop, finding them being whisked away to a bunker. However, the special forces team is nearly wiped out, with only two out of a team of 12 returning. Meanwhile, aircraft launch strikes against North Korea from the ROKS Inchon, while a small force of Korean troops land near the Yulu river, up north. They are all special forces, and begin spreading dissent throughout the people, giving them Western radios so they can actually near the real news instead of the propaganda from the North Korean government. Meanwhile, the air force begin striking at fuel dumps and supply depots, as they know that the North Korean supplies must be dwindling, and especially fuel supplies.
  • Austria: Riot police take control of major cities in response to the uprising. The police do their best to put down the revolt with the least amount of casualties, but a large number of people die in the ensuing conflict anyway. The prime minister makes a statement declaring that Communists should not be afraid of joining NATO, and the Communist Party will not be held accountable for the uprising unless proven. However, in response to the uprising the government considers retracting its wish to join NATO.
  • FDRG: The FDRG sends soldiers into Austria to help them prevent another uprising. The government begins to rebuild the devastated countryside and cities from the recent war. The government also begins negotiations with the UKAG this season as well. The country plans to have its first elections next season, but some people question whether they will be fair. (Don't worry, they won't.
  • UKAG: The UKAG starts talks with the opposition, with several economical deals being agreed on. The military is still on high alert over threats of a Soviet offensive.
  • China:The PRC is outraged by the South Koreans attack on the North Koreans and especially with the use of nuclear weapons and declares war on them. supplies are immediately to the North Koreans to help them. From the Chinese coast and carriers, bombers used conventional munitions on Seoul, Incheon and various other cities, depots, farming and industrial areas. Ships also launch cruise missiles and shoot their guns at targets. Both the navy and air force engage their South Korean equivalents. From a bunker, the premiere gives South Korea an ultimatum, stop their attacks on the north or face the PRC war machine and waves of soldiers.
  • Mum, the PRC has NO aircraft carrier, I have one because I made one. Also, how are you shelling Inchon and Seoul? To shell a city, you have to be within several miles of it, and that is not plausible, with the presence of cruise missiles and strike fighters. Also, just saying, Chinese cruise missiles were terrible, so don't expect many to get past the ship mounted and land based SAMs. An also, waves of soldiers is not an effective war technique anymore due to sub-munitions cough cough my J-Sow ones. Also, let me just remind you that while you can destroy South Korea, if you do, we will not go down peacefully. We WILL take you guys down with us, and we have enough nukes to do that. That IS a threat, that we can incinerate Pyongyang, Beijing, Shanghai, and who knows, we may just be crazy enough to do it. So, WE are giving you an ultimatum. Leave Korea, and leave the Korean affair alone, or by next year, we WILL launch a nuclear attack against North Korea and the PRC. This is not an idle threat. It is an ultimatum.
  • PRC: How about, ill withdraw, but work with the north peacefully.
  • Peru: A communicate has gone off in Peru the police is rounding up all of the Chilean revolts for that reason we will lockdown the areas of Chile in other news the carrier has arrived in Cuba and has now began attacking the Cuban ports.

1992 Summer

  • Clashes on the French-German Border, 30 Dead. Olympics are Cancelled due to global conflict.
  • North Korea combat the South Korean Threat, They are pushed back to the DMZ but no farther. One million people are sealed in the bunkers. North Korea tells China not to back down as they can also nuke the living crap out of the South. and if they do, give north Korea five Nukes. The radios from South Korea are taken away and they are rebrainwashed secretly. The Special Ops Teams are found and executed but at a cost of 1000 men. An "Atlantic Wall" starts to be built for sea protection. Nukes and assistance are asked from the Soviet Union
  • Algorithm?
  • Same one as last time. Nothing really changed.
  • The USSR sends assistance to NK. All cities are given the order to send all selected citizens to go immediately to the nuclear bunkers. The Doomsday Vault has been sealed. Millions of Soviet soldiers, tanks, and airplanes are being sent to the frontline in North Korea. All anit-ICBM missiles are being equipped with the hope they might knock out a few ICBMs heading this way. Following the news in the Middle East, the Soviet military is being informed to get ready to invade Israel. Following the Communist uprisings in Austria, the rebels are secretly being equipped with weapons and supplies.
  • China: The PRC will not back down. More supplies, including weapons and vehicles are sent to North Korea. China gives them three nukes also, as we can't afford to give more. All military, government and scientific officials are sent into nuclear proof bunkers, the doomsday bunker is sealed with all officials. Underground facilities are opened and online. Select people are sent into vaults. Nukes are online and ready if necessary and defences, including Anti-nuclear are in the ready. The Army lands at various places on the Korean peninsula. Heavy resistance is faced by all groups. Meanwhile, PRC special forces locate a few nuke sites and destroy several nukes.
  • United States: American forces from across the world are home, and begin to build an defensive perimeter along the eastern and western seaboards, and heavy defences are built on the border of Mexico, Canada, with more garrisons deployed to Guam, Wake Island, Midway Island, and other overseas territories. Puerto Rico is admitted into the Union as the 51st.
  • Korean Diplomacy: Please help us :(
  • The Soviet Union warns that if they help than it could possibly lead to nuclear war.
    *America will help in the next turn.
  • North Korea: Don't help the South :(
  • Israel now fully takes over Syria and Jordan, as well as all of the Sinai. They begin brutally oppressing terrorist groups there, and completely destroying Hamas. However, Hezbollah is still at large. Meanwhile, they begin to move into Iraq, since now that they have already committed, why not finish the job. They request US support against Iraq, and against the Soviet Union in case of aggression. They remind the Soviet Union that they have 200 nuclear weapons, and will use them.
    • The USSR warns Israel that they attacked Soviet allies, and that they cannot deny this. Therefore, they will intervene to help their allies.
    • You will get no land in Iraq until you make an algorithm.
    • But Iraq is not a Player Nation.
    • For one country maybe but for three or four, need one.
  • France declares support for Israel against the USSR. They continue to aid and arm the Germans against the Soviets. They bomb the Soviet ally of Poland from their bases in Germany.
  • South Korea continues to resist Chinese forces. Meanwhile, they give the Chinese one final warning. Back off, and leave the Koreas alone, or face nuclear death. Meanwhile, the South Korean navy uses tactical nukes to destroy much of the Chinese navy, while taking a pounding themselves.
    • You can't destroy much of the navy, just much of the navy in the area of Korea.
    • PRC Diplomacy: The PRC offers to withdraw from South Korea, if they agree to a ceasefire with the PRC and the North Koreans and work on peace.
    • South Korea: Never! We will unite our lands once and for all!
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviet Union warns South Korea that if they do go through with using nuclear weapons, they will destroy much of the world in the process due to retaliations and MAD.
  • Canada: The Canadians ready themselves in case of a nuclear attack. a new vault begins to be constructed on the Falkland islands, and the rest of the vaults are nearly done. the Canadians keep troops mobile in case NATO gets involved.
  • UKAG and FDRG: Both nations continue to have negotiations, however little is achieved at this time.
  • Austria: The community uprising is over, and the government pledges to help Germany resolved its crisis.

1992 Fall

  • A nuclear summer starts to occur in Korea, Northeast China, and Japan with the tactical nukes used in the Korean War. Tempter skyrocket upwards.
  • North Korea: Evacuates Government into Bunker. Nuclear summer spreads, making the worst crop season over. Starvation is everywhere and North Korea ask PRC and Soviet Union for food supplies and nukes. Support for government is high though with the Survival of the Nuclear Winter. Bunkers are build and with hope for the summer to last into winter, more crops are planted,
  • Soviet Union: Aid is sent to North Korea and China to help deal with the nuclear summer. In retaliation to South Korea's use of tactical nukes on the Chinese navy, Soviet bombers have begun to be equipped with nukes in several cities over South Korea. To make sure South Korea doesn't retaliate, all ICBMs, submarines with nuclear weapons, and all bombers are ready to head off to all NATO members should South Korea fire any nukes back. They will be immediately activated if any detections of South Korean nukes had toward North Korea, China, or the Soviet Union. All factories are storing their equipment in underground facilities in case of nuclear attack, all citizens are told to go the bunkers, and that food will be brought to them until an attack begins that way they won't have to eat the supplies in the storage rooms.
  • France continues to aid and arm the Germans against the Soviets. They continue bomb the Soviet ally of Poland from their bases in Germany. They begin to aid South Korea and Japan hearing about the situation there.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviet Union declares war on France for the bombing of our ally. Unless they stop now, we will begin bombing Paris.
    • French Diplomacy: It asks the Soviets for a cease-fire.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: We agree. Does this include negotiations.
  • The UKAG: Negotiations with the FDRG are almost complete, and the UKAG declares its support for France, even though not official allies, France helped the UKAG when it didn’t need to, so the UKAG will do the same. The UKAG prepares its nuclear arsenal for firing should the French ask for it against the USSR.
  • Canada: Finishes building vaults. they are finished quicker, because they remove any non-essential equipment from them. registered citizens begin to be evacuated.
  • PRC: The PRC thanks the USSR for their aid and support. Recovery aid and support is sent to the North East of the country to help with the nuclear summer. All stated people are in nuclear proof bunkers around the country and underground factories activated. The military is on high alert and hovering between DEFCON 2 and DEFCON 1.
  • Peru: Chile has been completely captured and we have been helping our allies Brazil in to capturing Argentina and in other news we have captured the major ports in Cuba and have begun to seep in to Habana and have also began to make camp in Habana and also we have begun to enter into other parts of Cuba. Nukes have begun to be build and also we have begun to attack Puerto Rico because we think the island did not want to be a state.....

1992 Winter

Nuclear Summer is Over in Korea

Tensions flare on German-Soviet Border, 56 Dead.

Germany and the Soviet Union don't have a border..

Sorru Polidh

  • Soviet Union: Seoul and other important South Korean cities have been nuked following after several bombers were equipped with nuclear weapons. Soviet troops have advanced through the destroyed cities, and some units have started looting cities after encountering low resistance. We tell Peru if they attack Puerto Rico we will send them military aid. America is told to leave South Korea as they have attacked North Korea, not once, but twice. We demand that the South Koreans are punished.
  • North Korea: Troops march through South Korea along with the Soviets. All the government is moved into bunkers. North Korea tells the U.S to back of South Korean Affairs
    • American troops have left South Korea a long time ago, so really it was just the South Koreans, as America is in Isolation.
  • America: America kicks Peru off Puerto Rico, but will not advance further. America moves garrisons to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. An state of isolation takes effect, and many feel that the Cold War would end with an Soviet Victory, and sends ceasefires to the countries they are at war with. Nuclear weapons are still aimed toward the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, but not North Korea or China.
  • Peru: We will continue trying to attack Puerto Rico with the aid of the soviet Union and we try to make America a pact for Puerto Rico for oil and gasoline and in other news We have reached Guantanamo and started to free prisoners and we have made and sanded an air carrier to North Korea to try to defeat South Korea and also we have begun to make tanks for a military attack to Florida on less America accept the treaty for PR to later free them and also we have begun to attack the Falkland Islands.
    • We accept the pact.
    • Note: You declared war on UKAG by invaded the Falkland Islands.
    • 'you’re wrong the Falkland islands are Canadian since 1991 'winter so were in war with Canada
    • Since IanIan58 has gone from the game he told me (he is my neighbour) to take Brazil until he comes back. Charlietheunicorn.
    • Brazil: We have now began to attack Argentina and are threaghthening the US because we fear they will try to do more damage and also will start the world war open us
    • Peruvian Diplomacy: We will now give as a gift Puerto Rico to the Soviet Union as a gift of peace for the future of our nations.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: We thank Peru for the offer, but decline, stating that it would be in better care under Peru. We ask Peru for trade and ask that they join the Warsaw Pact.
  • France: France desperately tries to get aoes by asking Brazil to join its side. Military build-up continues and Germany continues rebuilding.
  • Puvian Diplomacy: We accept trade but we will not enter the Warsaw pact do to the reason that we are still neutral.
  • Brazilian Diplomacy: We decline the alliance with France.
  • PRC: PRC troops marches through South Korea and meets up with North Korean and Soviet troops, solidifying control of the nation. The PRC proposes to the North Koreans to unite with the south under the banner of Communism . They will send aid to the healing nation. More aid is sent to the nuclear summer victims in the North East of China.

1993 Spring

{C}{C}Korea is Completely Communist. {C}{C}Accident on German, Polish Border, 132 Dead.

  • Brazil: Brazilian forces besiege Buenos Aires, the city refuses to surrender, 20 Brazilian 'Mega-Tanks' are sent, capturing coastal areas, being largely successful in the eastern parts. But the army is put to a screeching halt, as massive resistance forms, lack of fuel, and a large force breaks away from the Buenos Aires encirclement, and escapes to the western areas of Argentina, with government officials and others. Gun selling’s continue in Africa, Asia, and some small European countries, bringing decent wealth. Brazil requests to buy fuel from Peru. The preparations to invade Ethiopia are stopped, and the fleet turns around back to Brazil. The main aircraft carrier aids Peruvian forces in Cuba. While the rest of the forces that were made to liberate Ethiopia are contributed to Argentina.
  • Soviet Union: Everyone in the Doomsday Vault celebrates the news about Korea. We send more troops to Eastern Europe seeing as the Korean Threat is over. We begin to pressure Germany to remove troops on the Eastern border after the recent border fighter.
  • Peruvian diplomacy: we accept to sell Brazil oil and fuel.
  • South Korea: The boomer and carrier, which had been hiding out, launch attacks against China in retaliation for their attacks. Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xianjing, Beijing, Pyongyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xian, and Vladivostok. However, the boomer and carrier are killed in the attacks. (Am resigning)
  • Just because some countries have Anti-Nuke Missiles, I'll Make an algorithm to see if they hit.
  • 1-7 Hit, 8-10 Safe, Anti Nuke Missiles-+2
  • Shanghai-5 Hit
  • Hong Kong-2 Hit
  • Xianiang-1 Hit
  • Bejjing-6 Hit
  • Pyongyang-8 Safe
  • Guangshou-6 Hit.
  • Shenzen-3 Hit
  • Wuhan-10 Safe
  • Xian-8 Safe
  • Vladivostok-4+2(ANM)+6 Hit
    • There is no way that there is a 50% chance of a shoot down. More like a 10-15% chance. Even missiles now would have a hard time achieving what the Chinese did here. It is because the missile is heat seeking, and the hottest part of the missile is the back. And when the missile reaches the back and detonates, by the time it explodes, the missile is already ahead of it. The, the shrapnel from the missile cannot reach the nuke because the nuke is so fast. Got it?
    • We’ll do 30%
  • Korea is united under Communism. The people celebrate and nukes shields are developed. Another man goes into space. Government Approval crashes though due to Southern Integration.
  • S. Africa: F.W, DeKlerk's reforms help to end apartheid and turn the nation around. Every on unites with the goal of civilizing southern Africa. The (OTL cancelled) 'Operation Shampoo' atomic bomb project is not scrapped, but is neither increased for yet (arsenal=6 10kt free fall bombs) [[1]]. The navy vessels SAS President Kruger (F150), SAS Isaac Dyobha and SAS Galeshewe are amped up, reinvigorated and refitted. The minor nation of Lethsotho is easily bullied and intimidated in to joining the new South African Union. (Algerithum unessasery- RSA = big, Lesotho = puny!). The A diplomatic channel and a trade deal is offered to the nations of China, Peru, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Bulgaria and/or Brazil; if they want it. The anit-ICBM missiles and a Doomsday Vault are talked about in the S. African parliament.
  • PRC: The PRC recovers from the nuclear attacks from the South Koreans. Survivors from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xianiang, and Shenzhen are evacuated to refugee camps were they are cleaned and treated for radiation sickness. The Affected cities are quarantined and set to be cleaned and rebuilt. The PRC asks the Soviets for aid. The premiere vows revenge and vows to hunt down any remaining South Korean military and government officials.
    • The Soviet Union sends billions of dollars in aid to the Chinese. We also want to help in the hunt for SK officials.
    • The PRC graciously thanks the Soviets for their aid and will allow Soviet Spetsnaz cooperate with PRC special forces in hunting down SK officials.
  • France declares against the Soviets hearing the news from Korea. They assassinate Gorbachev in Moscow.
    • That is just implausible. You would have to get through the security for Gorbachev, plus he is in the Doomsday Vault. The Vault isn't easy to get in, it was designed to keep radiation out, I think it can keep assassins out.
    • Can't happen unless Russia's play lets it.
    • Russia's Play?
    • Peru: Now that France wants to attack Russia we have another nuke made to attack France, only if the French keep on with the attacks in other news we want to unify Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile to make the Gran Colombia but we will change the name to the Gran Peru and finally complete Bolivar's ideas also we have completely captured Cuba and our partners Brazil will capture Ethiopia and we have also completely captured the Falkland Islands.
    • Make Algoritem
  • Russia's player?

1993 Summer

  • RSA: South Africa begins moving valuables, seeds, canned food and documents in to several deep, former gold mines near Pretoria. Plans for an anti-ICBM missile system and a Doomsday Vault are enacted in S. African parliament, but will take a year to make them. The public are given Irradiated Iodine pills and first aid training, for when doomsday occurs.
HCW map game&#039;s Flag of South Africa

The new flag, compete with warrior lanner falcon.

  • France threatens to send a nuke in Peru makes that action. They begin to bomb Yugoslavian cities.
  • Peru takes back the through to France but still will take action if France continues the attack
  • The two Germanys continue talks but fail to reach a firm agreement yet. Security is increased along the Polish border. The FDRG holds its first "fair" elections, with the leader of the military government being elected.
  • Soviet Union: The air force has begun bombing runs of France. The Soviet military is using large groups of transport ships to bring the needed troops to France. Large amount of missiles are being fired on French cities, divesting those cities. The military is being expanded to help prepare for the possible wars that might be coming in the future.
    • France responds by bombing Soviet cities. They continue to build bunkers and force more and more people into the army.
  • PRC: The PRC is still recovering from the Korean war

Autumn\Fall 1993

  • RSA: They build several military and civil nuclear-bunkers in the major cities and Waives bay (the enclave on Namibia’s coast). The RSA recruits more and more people into the army. Technology is heavily invested in! The Pik Botha Doomsday Vault and the Nelson Mandela subterranean command post start being built under Table Mountain. National telecommunications are to be updated and upgraded over the next six months. More canned food, army survival kits, medicine, fuel and seeds are stashed away in a disused Kimberly diamond mine.
  • France threatens to nuke the USSR if it does not leave Korea alone.
  • Canada:the Canadians attempt to retake the Falkland islands from Peru. the attempt is largely unsuccessful. Canada threatens Peru with nuclear weapons for what they label as "unjust seizure of land without cause or reason" they also threaten the USSR for their actions in Korea.
  • Brazil: Much of the navy is redirected towards the Caribbean after a push deep inside Argentinian Territory, securing the coasts. Much of the large force is redirected to normal areas; Argentinian forces suffer a string of defeats, underestimating Brazilian 'Super-Tanks' and the unexpected amount of oil sent by Chile to Brazil. Although there is success, Buenos Aires remains under Argentinian control, in Patagonia, there is an intense guerrilla warfare; 35 present of the Brazilian military is contributed currently in Argentina. The navy is moved to international water, between Africa and the Americas. They declare if any Canadian Nuclear Weapons are used on Peru, Brazil threatens war.
  • Soviet Union: The USSR tells Canada and France that South Korea attack North Korea first and nuked China and NK first. We have every reason to intervene. That, and the entire nation has already by conquered, so there is no point in sending millions of men to die just to reconstruct this state. The Soviet army has begun to land large amounts of troops in Northern France. Missiles are divesting French cities and the French military. Many citizens are afraid that a nuclear war is about to begin.
    • PRC: the PRC supports the USSR
    • USSR Diplomacy: The Soviet Union thanks the PRC, and promises them aid to help recover from the Second Korean War.
    • PRC: The PRC thanks the USSR for their aid and once they are fully operational again, the factories of the PRC are willing to create weapons, ammo, bombs, etc. for them.
    • France is angry and begins to bomb Western Soviet states with nukes.
    • The Soviet Union warns France that if they nuke the Soviet States, then Paris will be destroyed by ICBMs.
  • PRC: The PRC is still recovering from the Korean War. All troops and military vehicles are removed from Korea and returned home. Iodine pills are distributed to the public and military/government personnel.
    • RSA telecommunications and diplomacy: A new experimental EMP proofed radio transmitter opens in Maseru and Rustenburg. Technical assistance, including a 3rd transmitter is offered to Swaziland. South Africa moots an alliance with Australia and send the an diplomatic envoy to the Aussies.
  • Peru: Canada the Falkland islands were practically Argentinian so that means it was as if it wasn’t yours and also we threaten France to stop the USSR bombings on less you want The Gran Peru on top of you with Brazil also Cuba is in complete control of ours and we begin operation Salvation which mainly consist of building Bunker everywhere in Peru for salvation and also we have begun to attack Paraguay and also we begin ask the PRC for alliance and also we did have cause you took land from Argentina and we start to finally start a naval factories in Puerto Rico with this we will start making ships to go to Africa, Europe, And to help our partners Russia with the war in France.

1994 winter

  • Peru: We have begun the new naval attacks to Africa and Europe, France is being watched and we have begun to make barricades in Russia borders to block out France's attack their president has gotten the best military fighters to watch him we have also began to use the Falkland Islands as a military section just in case Canada attacks our President has been move to an undisclosed location do to all the threats we have been getting. We also want to make a temporary alliance with the RSA for a military advantage point for when necessary and we want to encourage the nations to join the Brazilian-Peruvian alliance and also Paraguay has been almost completely captured and we have begun to go north to Venezuela.
  • RSA: They build several military and civil nuclear-bunkers in the major cities. The Pik Botha Doomsday Vault is 25% complete and the Nelson Mandela subterranean command post is 50% completed. National telecommunications are to be updated, EMP proofed and upgraded over the next three months. A EMP proofed Atlas Cheetah fighter aircraft is designed and planned out. More canned food, army survival kits, medicine, mobile phones, fuel and seeds are stashed away in a disused Kimberly and Maseru diamond mine. Plans for an anti-ICBM system (to be called- Shaka) are put in to the making of such a system over the next year. The alliance with Peru is accepted and will last for one year in time, but may be renewed after that date. A diplomatic envoy opens relations with Peru and Botswana. Six conventional issue Atlas Cheetah fighter aircraft are sold to Peru. The king of Swaziland is given a paper showing how Lesotho is being re-developed. Mountain water and diamonds are Lesotho's significant natural resources. Several dozen South African tanks intimidatingly parked on the Swazi’s veldt further ‘encourage’ the king of the tiny nation in to giving up and making it a province of the RSA. South Africa considers its expansion completed and settles down to preparing for Doomsday.
  • The United States, after years of no contact and isolationism, begins moving forces to the US overseas possession, and suggest to Canada that using a nuke will result in a nuclear war. Meanwhile, America increases presence in Florida, the Border States f Mexico, and Alaska, while Hawaii is heavily guarded.
  • Germanys: The two German nations are almost at an agreement. Naval patrols are increase in the North Sea in case of Peruvian attacks.
  • France begs the United States to declare war against the USSR. They nuke the cities of Kiev, Moscow, and St. Petersburg to demoralize the Russian military.
    • Algoritem (Same as Above):
    • Kiev-2+2(ANM)=4 Hit
    • Moscow 8+2=10 Shot Down
    • Saint Petersburg-5+2+7 Hit
  • Grenada Island: Potassium Iodide pills are issued on mass and a literacy campaign is held. Alliance to Congo and Yugoslavs offered.
    • What is a War Algoritem? Is it a algorithm.?
    • It is algorithm to see if a nuke hits.
  • USSR: After seeing France nuking three Soviet cities, retaliates by nuking Paris (5 Hit), Autun (3 Hit), and Montpellier (10 Failed to Explode). Glad that the capitol survived, the Government starts to send aid to the destroyed cities and tries to evacuate citizens from the area. A few thousands were able to move into the bunkers, but most of the survivors were in the outskirts of the city or in the subways. Everyone else was in the centre of the city or close enough to Ground Zero to get killed.

Spring 1994

  • RSA: They build several military and civil nuclear-bunkers in the major cities. The Pik Botha Doomsday Vault is 50% complete and the Nelson Mandela subterranean command post is 75% completed. National telecommunications are now updated, EMP proofing and upgraded and completed. The EMP proofed Atlas Cheetah fighter aircraft designed is being actively researched and a prototype is under construction. More canned food, army survival kits, medicine, mobile phones, mineral water, fuel and seeds are stashed away in a disused Maseru diamond mine. The Shaka anti-ICBM system is under construction as prototype rockets are tested on the veldt. Potassium Iodide pills are issued on mass and a national literacy campaign is held. The much delayed S. African election goes ahead and Nelson Mandela comes to office as president a year after the OTL date.
National statistics.
Province Provincial capital Largest city Area (km²)
Eastern Cape Bhisho Port Elizabeth 168,966
Free State Bloemfontein Bloemfontein 129,825
Gauteng Johannesburg Johannesburg 18,178
KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg Durban 94,361
Limpopo Polokwane Polokwane 125,754
Mpumalanga Nelspruit Nelspruit 76,495
North West (South African province) Mafikeng Rustenburg 104,882
Northern Cape Kimberley Kimberley 372,889
Western Cape Cape Town Cape Town 129,462
Lesotho Maseru Maseru 30,355 km2
Swaziland Lobamba Mbabane 17,364 km2
(OTL data- Stats in Brief, 2010 [[2]], by Statistics South Africa in the year 2010). . . .
  • Soviet Union: We ask France if they wish to negotiate an end to the war seeing as it is pointless to kill millions of innocent men for the restoration of the South Korean state, even more so when they attacked North Korea first. In the meanwhile, Soviet armies advance more and are on the out skirts of Paris.
  • Can't, don’t border them
  • I can't use transports to bring troops over? That’s what I did last turn, and no one seemed to have a problem with it.
  • Okay, but another thing is you need to make an Algoritem.
  • Korea built nuke shelters in the south. Government is moved back into vault. Anti-Nuke Missiles are researched,
  • France agrees it the ceasefire as requested by the Soviets. They continue building vaults, storing up food, and building up their military.
  • Brazil: Brazilian forces completely defeat Argentina Forces, ending the long war which caused the death of 10,000 Brazilian soldiers. The economy is being rebuilt to a more productive scale, and Argentina is annexed, and begins rebuilding. There is a population and economic boom as the large amount of immigrants (from Europe and Korea) arrive, and mass amounts of jobs opened in Argentina provide good money for them. They urge France to open peace talks with the Communist bloc. (Also, in the map, Brazil owns Uruguay and Paraguay.)
  • Grenada Island: An anti-nucleic shelter and doomsday serial vault is started. Alliancing is offered to Cuba, Colombia and Mexico. Anti-nucleic-ICBM missiles are researched and food is stored in a bunker.
  • Peru: We start to attack the French border unless they make an agreement with Peru and we have captured Venezuela And the Guyana’s and in other news Peru has now become the main oiler country we have begun to sell oil to every country for a dollar but for France unless the agreement is made.
  • PRC: PRC continues to recover from the war

Summer 1994

  • Nuclear radiation spread in France and USSR. Thousands die and temperatures rise 12 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, and Malta form the Microstate Protection Pact. Any country smaller then Qatar can join.
  • Korea expands the military and builds more bunkers. Korea cuts relations with Japan due to NATO actions against the Soviet Union as they would side with them,
  • Soviet Union: We ask Peru to join the Warsaw Pact. We thank Korea for cutting off relation with Japan, and do the same. We ask the PRC to help us out in our war effort by sending troops or supplies to the frontline in France. People are being moved from the nuked cities and into safe cities. Doctors are treating patients that have radiation sickness. Thousands of soldiers. tanks, and airplanes are moving into France to keep up the assault.
  • You can't move tanks and soldiers into France without violating Germany's current neutrality.
  • I thought you said that I could use transports to move stuff into France.
  • South Africa: Lully we have stashed stuff in old mines several turns back. This is used to treat the sick and starving. Doctors are treating patients that have radiation sickness and President Mandela visits many in hospital. Drought is another issue and many deaths occur after the Limpopo dries up! Polokwane city has a major food riot, which is brutally crushed. As in Doomsday 1983, the nukes were mostly in the north, so the radiation and climactic changes are slightly less in the southern hemisphere (good news for Peru, Brazil, S. Africa and Australia).

The new national coalition government is formed.

Party leader Party name Government post
Eugène Terre'Blanche Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Farming and food supply
Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi Inkatha Freedom Party Defence
Winnie Mandela Azania Liberation Front Foreign secretary
Nelson Mandela The ANC President
F. W. de Klerk New National Party Vice president
P. W. Botha Afrikaner National Party Health
King Letsie III Lesotho's King The treasury
Thabo Mbeki The ANC Industry and commerce
Reverend Desmond Tutu Independent politician Policing and justice
King Mswati III Swaziland's king Education

A regional literacy and AIDS awareness campaign is held in Lesotho and Swaziland provinces. An alliance is once more offered to Australia, along with Grenada Island, Namibia and the Congo-Brazzaville. The alliance with Peru is renewed for another year.

  • PRC: The PRC sends massive amounts of weapons, ammo, planes, tanks, bombs and medical supplies to the Soviet Frontlines. Restoration continues in wrecked cities.
  • Germanies: Negotiations continue, and a breakthrough is almost achieved. Security is increased because of the Nuclear War between the USSR and France.
  • Austria: Security is increased because of the nuclear war going on.
  • Grenada Island: We join the Microstate Protection Pact and form an alliance with S. Africa. The cool sea breeze sees off the neunclick summer heat, but some people go bald and die. Oranges and earlier Mimi-food shelters' supply’s help us to. A second anti-nuclear bunker is started. Alliances are offered up to Peru, Congo, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and Mexico. Anti-nucleic-ICBM Misses are researched and microfilm is stored in a bunker. Our computers are driven by the “grapefruit system”, a rip off of Microsoft’s prototype variant of the [Widows 95] computer system.
  • Peru : We accept the alliance with Grenada and Grenada has to remember we have captured Cuba. We have began to attack France but we will not start to send nukes because we will not start a nuclear war and also we decline the Warsaw pact.
Cuba is noted.

The UKAG: The UKAG offers the FDRG if, since the talks have revealed old cultural ties between the UKAG and the FDRG, if the FDRG and the UKAG unite to form the Anglo-German Union under the FDRG's control.

FDRG: we accept UKAG's offer.

France sends nukes to Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, and Piura in response to their declaration of war.

The United States, seeing how the nukes are flying, launches its arsenal toward Peru, USSR, Iran, and Syria, while smaller weapons are used on Puerto Rico and Cuba.

The USSR responses by firing its own arsenal at all major NATO members

Peru has asked a cease fire from US and France.

Brazil: Brazil declares strict neutrality; renewing all previous wars, and begins wasting billions in support for the people, the military is put at high alert, aid is offered to Peru, anti-nuclear missiles are under constructions.

PRC: The PRC declares neutrality in the nuclear war, but offers aid to countries that ask for it.

Seeing how nukes are flying, I will do a simpler nuclear war algorithm.-

Size-Smaller or equal to Peru, +1

Bigger up to size of China, +23

Bigger +3

Chance-Up to 7

Anti-Nuke Missile-+1

Example: Lolland: (Random) 4+1 (Anti Nukes) +1 Size +6

If Total Equals 1-3, Total Destruction, Enable to Continue in Game, Devastating.

4-6, Medium Destruction, Lots of Rebuilding, Large Effect

7-10, Minor Destruction, Minor Rebuilding, Small Effect

United States-2+1(AN)+3=6, Medium Destruction

USSR-5+1+3+9, Minor Destruction.

Peru-4+8+5, Minor Destruction

Iran-7+2+9, Minor Destruction

Syria-3+1=4 Medium

France-6+2=8, Minor

Spain-3+2=5, Medium

Portugal-1+1+2, Total Destruction, Uninhabitable

Canada-1+3=4, Medium Destruction

UKAG-2+2+4, Medium Destruction.

Non-Nukes Player Controlled-China, Korea, Brazil, Grenada, South Africa, and Austria.

IF you were nuked, any neighbour country would be hit by nuclear summer along with them. No expansion if you were nuked until you are stable (Min - two Years)

Autumn 1994

Nuclear Summer raises tempteratures 20 Degrees Fahrenheit in Nuked Countries. Rubble Remains from War.

  • RSA:' Panic occurs in Cape Province as nuclear radiation spread in from Peru and Europe. Thousands die in the Transvaal of heat expulsion and hunger as tempters rise 2.5 degrees Celsius in the province. The Nelson Mandela command bunker is completed. Durban’s and Cape Town’s new desalination plant is now being built. Guided missile research starts, with planned variants being more mobile and efficient. South Africa recognises that the 6 10kt “Operation Shampoo” bombs mentioned in its first post were, like in reality, off-topic, unused, strategically pointless, irrelevant and too titchy to be worth having in an atomic war (the only real enemy is Zimbabwe and its non-nuke state). As in reality, they are scrapped, but two years after they were in OTL. The RSA is now a non-nuke state. Stocks of manganese, platinum, vanadium and gold are sent to Peru and Granada Island. Some Iodine pills are also sent to Peru, Grenada Island and Botswana. An alliance is offered to Botswana and Zambia.
  • United States: The United States Government, who has been moved to the Doomsday Vault and Norad, contacts several surviving state governments in Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. It is determined that LA, Seattle, New York, Miami, Chicago, Honolulu, San Diego, and San Francisco, while the areas around were damaged. The US Government offers an ceasefire to the USSR, if they survived.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Government in the Doomsday Vault has sent out people to discover if it was safe to go out, and it was. From the Soviet radios in the Vault, they get the news that the US has asked for a ceasefire. We gladly accept. The Soviet Government begins receiving messages from all nuked cities. It receives the news that the nukes could have been worse, but it will take some rebuilding to fix everything. Factories across the nation are told to get the equipment in their emergency storage rooms out and begin making the needed items to repair the nation. The military in France has returned after learning that Paris was destroyed. On the way back home, they thought it was weird that they had not been getting messages from the Homelands. Some ships stopped and docked in a few small towns, but that's when the nukes fell. They survived, but anyone who was still at sea died because of the EMP causing all refrigeration to go offline and they couldn't control the ships. The serving army decided to come home, and that is how they returned, by land using tanks and supply trucks to get home.
  • France: Agrees to the cease-fire of the Peruvians. The military continues to repair the nation while preparing for the future.
  • Peru: We need the help of all our allies all the surviving people are being taken to Chile and Bolivia the Peruvian people have declared neutrality for that factor we have now declared allies with Russia is over because we want to stay neutral , the bunkers built covered all the people but the ones that could not enter have died about 800,000 people dead, do to all the damage done to Peru from France we have asked the UN for help. We are thankful for the help from the RSA so we send oil to help them we also thank Brazil for help so we ask if we could transport people to their land for safety until we rebuild the damage. We have asked Brazil for Super tanks in case of a French attack.
  • Grenada Island: We need more food, medicine, clean water and shelters.
  • PRC: The PRC offers aid to the Soviets.

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