In Horn of Unification, we explore the possibility of a Union of African states at the Horn of Africa, with the main POD being slightly improbable. The POD is that Italy's invasion of Ethiopia is not overlooked as much by the League of Nations and the emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie's speech condemning the invasion is enough to spark conflict over the region. The Cold War would be the real start of a united nation with it all coming together with Haile's famous "Empires to Ashes" speech and with the help of US, French and British agents.


The League of Nations attention is caught by Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia, the results being decided in the 1936 assembly at Geneva. France and Britain make a declaration of mutual war against Italian actions in Eastern Africa. Other nations present at the conference pledge support to the Ethiopians. Eventually a combined French, British, Egyptian, and Ethiopian counter-stroke would quickly put an end to the conflict at hand. Italy, its remaining military strength on the African mainland reduced and humiliated in the conflict, losses faith in Mussolini's reign. Eventually the king of Italy and a member of the House of Savoy, Victor Emmanuel III held a meeting with both Parliament and the Grand Council of Fascism. There, the king ordered the arrest of Mussolini and other Fascist advocates (not including supporters of him, such as Dino Grandi who also opposed the Il Duce). The Second World War would see Germany on its own, but some decisions including the invasion of the Balkans would be avoided, thus a longer war would endure. With only Japan as its only main ally, Nazi Germany would attempt to restrict itself from any more enemies, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor would start the fuse of the Pacific War. In the end Europe would turn into the dream that Stalin and Lenin had worked their lives for: A Communist Europe (Excluding neutral nations). The Iron Curtain would fall only on Great Britain, the Middle East and Africa. Now the United States held the only hope against the expansion of the Soviet Union. Eventually NATO and the Mediterranean League opposed the Fourth Comintern on the world stage, marking the beginning of the Cold War. (To be expanded)

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