Hopes Die Last is a Italian post-hardcore bands consists 10 members Nicolo Arquilla Marco Calanca Ivan Panella Marco Mantovani Jacopo Ianariello Luigi Magliocca Daniele Tofani Valerio Corsi Yuri Santurri Danilo Menna.

In 2009 original band members get along just fine new members added

Band members

Nicolo Arquilla 2004

Marco Calanca 2004

Ivan Panella 2004

Marco Mantovani 2004

Jacopo Ianariello 2004

Luigi Magliocca 2008

Daniele Tofani 2009

Nekso 2012

Danilo Menna 2015

Yuri Santurri 2015


Aim for Tomorrow 2005

Six Years Now 2009

Trust No One 2012

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