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Hoover is a post- Doomsday community situated in and near the Hoover Dam, which survived Doomsday. Though its bulk is along the Colorado River, most of the citizens live near the Hoover Dam. Despite its relatively small size, it is respected by many nations with developed historians. In its 1992 expedition to Las Vegas, several artifacts were put in the Hoover Museum, which inspired people to go on more expeditions. Among the artifacts are the Las Vegas Sign, props from several movies, and cameras.


The Hoover Dam provides fresh water to the Colorado river. Most of the nation is touching the Colorado River or Lake Mead. This is because most of the area that isn't touching a body of water in the area is a desert. The Grand Canyon is currently being annexed by the nation.


Before Doomsday, the Hoover Dam was a powerful dam providing power to much of Nevada, California, and Colorado. The Colorado River coincidentally touched these states. The Hoover Dam was visited by millions of people each year, as was the Grand Canyon. Tours down the Colorado river were popular, and the neighboring Las Vegas was a destination for tourists.

The Dam was constructed in the 1930s to provide power to the surrounding area. Despite the toll of constant storms, commerce over the bridge, and a few earthquakes, the structure remained intact for decades.


Nellis Air Force Base was a location of nuclear strike nearby. Radiation spread right into the path of Las Vegas. The city was devastated by radiation, and much of North Las Vegas was destroyed by the blast. Luckily, Hoover Dam was outside of the blast radius and radiation did not reach Lake Mead. However, the workers in Hoover Dam stayed inside for months, believing that the radiation would affect them.

A tour in the Colorado River was returning when the bombs hit. The ship became beached near the Colorado River and the passengers went to the nearest location, the Hoover Dam.


When the workers and refugees came out of the Dam, they were shocked to find much of the surrounding area unharmed. They began working on planting food along the Colorado River. Geiger Counters reported little to no radiation near the Hoover Dam. A government was never officially established until 1984, a relatively early age for governments to form.

The government consisted of a President, three advisors, and three judges. This allowed for a fair government and most people were happy with this. As people from a fallout shelter in Boulder City came to Hoover Dam, they brought things like hazmat suits to Hoover.

As people from other communities travelled to Hoover over the years, interest in exploration and reclaiming history mounted. In 1992, an expedition to Vegas brought back playing cards, poker chips, a few liscence plates, and posters from casinos. Subsequent expeditions brought back bigger things, like the Welcome to Vegas sign, slot machines, tables from casinos, and even the Bonnie and Clide car.

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