The Hong Kong Pact was formed when the fascist powers of Brittanica and Japan agreed to an alliance in October 1954. This was important as it created a third side to the tensions of the time. Brittanica and Japan would each attempt to recruit countries to join the Hong Kong Pact, with Yugoslavia joining for less than a month. Japan or Brittanica has asked any militarist, expansionist, nationalist, or fascist regime to join this alliance and economic agreement. 


  • Dominion of Brittanica
  • Second Empire of Japan
  • Organization of African Unity
  • Ethiopia
  • Egypt
  • Vietnam


The pact is a military coalition, as well as an economic cooperation, and a political alignment. It promoted fascism and nationalism in other countries, and allowed any other fascist regimes to ask to sign the pact, with permission from Brittanica essentially required to sign. It was mainly established to combat/protect against PATO after the Brittanic-PATO war. 

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