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State of Hong Kong

Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
Flag of the Republic of Hong Kong Coat of arms of Hong Kong (1959-1997)
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Victoria
Cantonese and English
  others Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin
Buddhists and Taoists
  others Christians, Hindus, Muslims
Ethnic Groups
Han Chinese
  others English, Filipinos, Indians
Demonym Hong Konger
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Legislative Council
Queen Elizabeth II
Area 4,805 km²
Population 15,283,300 
Established 1981
Currency Dollar (HKD)
Time Zone HKT (UTC+8)
Drives on the Left
Calling Code +852
Internet TLD .hk, .香港
Organizations CoN, UN