Hong Kong
Hong Kong
— City of Iberian Community
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History Map Game

OTL equivalent: Hong Kong
Flag of Hong Kong
Flag of Hong Kong
(and largest city)
Hong Kong
English, Portuguese
  others Chinese, Spanish
Religion Catholicism
Population 7,120,120 (2000 Census) 
Established 1995
Admission 1997 (Recognized)
Currency Iberio, Hong Kong Dollar
Time zone UTC +8
Abbreviations HK

Hong Kong's population exploded as many sought refuge in the 1st Chinese Civil War, the Two Vietnamese-Sino Wars, and the Reunification of China under the Chinese Confederacy. Portugal gained official sovereignty over Hong Kong following the Treaty of Bangkok after two years of occupation and rebuilding, and many years of settling from Macau. Hong Kong is a member of the East Asian Tiger Stock Market and is a hub for many companies in East Asia and is a large shipping port. Hong Kong maintains some autonomy, but its defense and international relations are handled by Portugal, which in 2000, became Iberia. Hong Kong and Macau continue tight relations and have clearly become two trading hubs and destination hotspots in Asia.

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