Free City of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
香港自由市 (ZH)
自由都市香港 (JP)
Bandar Bebas Hong Kong (MS)
Timeline: Land of Empires
OTL equivalent: Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bauhinia Flag (Navy Blue).svg Emblem of China (de facto) (Myomi Republic).svg
Coat of arms
Anthem of Hong Kong
Administrative districtVictoria District
Largest district Hong Kong Island District
Official languages Mandarin Chinese
Regional Languages Cantonese
Hokkien Chinese
Demonym Hongkonger (香港人)
Membership World Defense Federation
Pacific Rim Association
Government Republic
 -  Commissioner Leung Chun-ying
Currency Hong Kong Dollar ($)

The Free City of Hong Kong is a free city located in East Asia. It is bordered by the Republican Chinese Empire.

Law Enforcement

Hong Kong's law enforcement is provided by the Hong Kong National Police Agency (NKNPA) and in some districts and municipalities, the Hong Kong Metropolitan Police Department. 


Hong Kong lacks a standing military, relying on a joint protection force of the Imperial Chinese Army and Imperial Japanese Overseas Task Force. Hong Kong does provide its own domestic defense force, known as the Hong Kong National Guard.