Kingdom of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Timeline: Clingy Britain

OTL equivalent: Hong Kong island, Kowloon and Po Toi islands
Flag of Hong Kong 1959
Flag of Hong Kong
Hong Kong-post handover
Hong Kong After the Chinese handover
(and largest city)
Hong Kong
English, Chinese
  others Portuguese
Monarch of Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth the Second
Prime minister of Hong Kong name of chief of government
Area 250 km²
Population 3,310,033 
Independence 1841 (British Hong Kong established), 1997 (Handover of New Territories), 2003 (established as a division)
Currency Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)

Hong Kong (Xiānggǎng in Chinese) is the most populated and economically active division of the UK outside of the British Isles. Once encompassing a large area above its current borders (OTL New Territories), these were handed back to China after 99 years of rule.


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Hong Kong is one of the world's leading financial centers and thus has profited greatly from this. Though unlike its booming financial sector, Hong Kong has virtually no industry or exports due to its small size and lack of resources.


Hong Kong is a multiparty system based on that of the UK. It acted independently of the UK proper on the vast majority of matters.

Active parties

Civic party (CP)- A liberalist party which makes up the largest number of seats held by any party in the parliament. It makes up 14 of the 60 seats in the HK parliament and x of the y seats in the UK parliament.


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