República de Honduras
Official language Spanish
Capital Tegucigalpa
Prime minister
State Ideology Fascism
Territories Honduras, El Salvador
Population Population
Establishment 1838
Currency Lempira

Honduras is a country in Central America, and a major and staunch ally of Germany. Honduras is surrounded by ATO Countries, and is seen by many in ATO as a continued threat to ATOs safety, with some in its allies seeing it as a loose cannon, especially after the Soccer war.

Germany's Caribbean ally

After WWII, Honduras saw the way the wind was blowing and joined the Axis in 1947. after America pulled itself out of the rut and began to re-arm, Germany invested large amounts of money into Honduras, raising it to the state of a second world country. German advisors re-created the Honduran army, and equipped it with large amounts of equipment. In 1969, Honduras and El Salvador fought what would become known as The Soccer War. Honduras army, well equipped with German weapons, defeated and conquered El Salvador.

The Honduras Missile Crisis

The Missile crisis in Honduras was a major shake up for ATO. from Honduras, German missiles could hit every inch of ATO.

Modern History

Since the 1980's Honduras has been completely surrounded by ATO countries.


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