The Honduran War of Independence was a war fought in Honduras from 1991 to 1995. It was fought between the Honduran government, having declared independence from the Central American Union, and both the Mexican People's Army (MPA) and local Mexican forces in Honduras, who established the self-proclaimed Republic of Mexican Hondruia (RMH) within Honduras.

Initially, the war was waged between Honduran police forces and Mexicans living in the CAU Republic of Honduras. As the MPA came under increasing Mexican influence in Mexico City, its units began assisting the Mexicans fighting in Honduras. The Hondurian side aimed to establish a sovereign country outside the Central American Union, and the Mexicans, supported by Mexico, opposed the secession and wanted to remain a part of Central American Union, effectively seeking new boundaries in Honduras with a Mexican majority or significant minority or by conquering as much of Honduras as possible. The goal was primarily to remain in the same state with the rest of the Serbian nation, which was interpreted as an attempt to form a "Greater Mexico" by Hondruians (and Guatemalans who were caught up in the chaos).

At the beginning of the war, the MPA tried to forcefully keep Honduras in the Central American Union by occupying the whole of Honduras

In Honduras, the war is referred to as the Homeland War or Greater-Mexican War of Aggression. In Mexico, the name "War in Honduras" is the casual name.

Hondurian War of Independence

Hondurian soldiers preparing to fire at a rebel Mexican tank, 21 June 1992

Date 1991–1995
Location Honduras
Result Honduran victory
Honduras government gains full control of Honduras, all Mexicans forced out.
  • Honduras
  • Central American Union
  • Mexico
  • Mexican Republic of Honduria
Casualties and losses
  • 8,039 killed or missing
  • 447,316 displaced
  • 13,583 killed or missing
  • 37,180 wounded
  • 521,000 displaced

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