• 50,000 BCE: Homo Sapiens Idaltu (H.S. Idaltu), instead of becoming extinct, it instead begins to raise again.
  • 30-10,000 BCE: H:S:Idaltu survives the ice ages, but only a few survive.
  • c. 5,000 BCE: Idaltu begin to evolve and grow in number in the African rain forest, eventually surpassing five million.
  • late 1700's: Idaltus are captured by African hunters who intern give them to slave traders. Idaltu become slaves. Some in North America, some in the Caribbean. But most are sent to Brazil.
  • 1900's: Idaltu, a while after the abolition of the slave trade, are now able to live in peace. They then move to the Amazon Rain forest.
  • aft. 2005: DNA tests discover that Idaltu has survived.
  • later:Idaltus are treated by racists and 'speciesists' as inferior.
  • later on: 'Hominid' rites are set.

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