Homo Reptilia is the name of a variant reptilian species who evolved from dinosaur survivors of the great extinction.



The most common Homo Reptilia, the Silurians evolved from surviving Parasaurolophi. Originally located on the North American continent, the Silurians once battle against Native Americans for land. During the colonization of the America's, the Silurians were enslaved by settlers and used for indentured servitude.


Evolved from surviving Pachycephalosauri, the Eocene lived in small nomadic bands in Europe. Over the years, they evolved away their tails, but kept their domed heads for combat and defensive purposes. Ancient relics suggest that during the time of the Roman Empire, the Eocenes were forced to fight in massive gladiatorial battles against the Cambrians.


Sea Devil

The second most common race of Homo Reptilia, Devonians evolved from certain species of Sea Turtle which survived the massive extinction. They lived alongside the Silurians in North America, though a large group live in Japan. In North America, they were enslaved by English settlers on Roanoke to serve as laborers. In Japan, they were trained as elite guard for the emperors.



Evolved from surviving Hadrosaurs, the Cambrians lived in nomadic tribes which traveled across Europe and Asia. Records showed that the Cambrians were enslaved by the Romans and used in Gladiator battles.


Evolved from surviving Troodons, they lived in carniverous tribes which roamed Asia. However, they were enslaved by the Chinese Empire and utilized as warriors.


Evolving from surviving Velociraptors, the Selandians evolved into a violent culture on the North American continent. During the colonization of the America's, the Selandians were enslaved by the Spanish settlers to serve as soldiers. However, a majority were converted to Christianity and became peaceful.

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