Ilya Ivanov, one of Russia's top animal breeding scientists was chosen by Stalin to make the perfect soldier. After 20 years of research he successfully cross-bred the great-ape with a human being.

They were better adapted to the harsh conditions in Siberia and helped to build new Gulags for slaves. The Apes were sent to invade Germany, on Stalin's command, they returned 18,000 German women, however their purpose remains unknown. On the 28th October, the Apes successfully invaded France, the British were forced into retreat.

The Apes were then commissioned to build a Soviet fleet to invade Britain, however the Apes lacked the intelligence to complete this task. Instead he sent them in the German fleet. However the British navy was left without injury, whilst the whole German (soviet) fleet was destroyed.

In 1951 the Apes had successfully invaded the majority of the European continent and they were ordered to invade Asia. Churchill and Eisenhower responded by dropping their atom bomb on Russia, destroying all the 'monster apes'.

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