Homefront is a 2012 American war film directed by Michael Bay and stars ?. The film is set in 2013 in which the French Empire and its "new" allies in Latin and South America invade the United States of America. However, the onset of the First Great War is merely an background and not fully elaborated. The story follows an group of American teenagers who resist the occupation force with guerrilla warfare, calling themselves the Rams, after their community's colleges team. The film was released on January 22, and is determined by Time to be the "First Blockbuster Movie of the Year. The movie is a very loose remake of the 1986 film Resistance, a considerably darker film about a town resistance to a French invasion during a Great War.


On an June morning, an cop paused in an mid-purchase to see French paratroopers landing in the streets, and two Airbus S-24 Sirens engaging an American F-22 Raptor, before the Raptor is hit and crashes into the mountain above, the other people in the store, two teenagers (?) and (?), scrambled out of the donut shop, and headed for cover. The donut shop is destroyed by an French tank, and chases the teens before they reached an alley, in which the tank could not fit. The two teens later meet up with their old P.E teacher, and an few other students who happened to escape a massacre that occurred at the nearby high school. After hearing news from an mobile phone: New York, Los Angeles, Omaha, and Washington D.C were struck by nuclear weapons, but both France and the US have refrained from using any more weapons due to fallout concerns.

As the teens progressed into the mountains, they meet up with down Apache pilot Steven Hawkins, who later reveals that an majority of these occupying soldiers are French, Prussian, Spanish, Mexican, and Colombian. He also reveals that Chile and Brazil continue to fight Argentina, while French forces are stalled in the Amazon Rain Forest. The climax of the movie is when an large counterattack occurs, pushing the French and its allies off the west coast, and towards the French Empire. In the end, ? and ? end up marrying each other, and later have kids.




Despite lukewarm and mixed reviews, especially in overseas markets, the film was a surprise hit and topped the box office for four straight weeks in the US, making it the highest-grossing January release in box office history.

Critical reception to Homefront was mixed. Favorable reviews cited constant action and appeal to broad demographics, and a lack of shaky-cam for a film of its type, as benefits of the movie. Roger Ebert gave the film two-and-a-half stars out of four, calling it "a film with a very simple concept that executes its concept fairly well, including something for action fans as well as fans of teen movies. It's an odd movie to be released in 2012 as opposed to its spiritual predecessor in 1986, but it does what it tries to do." Many critics compared it favorably and unfavorably to Resistance, feeling that it was a more optimistic film than the 1980's version but also that it was less mature. Negative reviews thought that due to the ongoing political climate featuring the best relations with France in decades, it wasn't a particularly timely subject for an action thriller. The film currently holds a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, certifying it as Fresh.

Critical reception overseas was considerably less enthusiastic, in particular in Colombia, where critics questioned the explicit inclusion of Colombians and Mexicans into the coalition that invades the United States, due to the longstanding American alliance with both nations. In France, the film was dismissed as "war-mongering American propaganda meant to demonize France."


On March 22, 2012 Bay announced on Twitter, that he'll be making an second-part to the movie, and that, although not giving any major details, that the French were sent "packing".

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