The Home Alone franchise is a series of comedy-drama/adventure films that began with the original Home Alone in late 1990. They star Macaulay Culkin, of concurrent Baja fame, as Kevin McCallister, a boy living in an upscale Chicago suburb, who is constantly being left behind by or separated from his family at Christmas.

The first film, Home Alone, sees a 9 year-old Kevin forgotten and left at home all by himself when his family goes on Christmas vacation to a remote mountain lodge in Switzerland, unknowingly leaving him behind. For a time, Kevin is elated, believing he made them disappear, but soon finds that being the man of the house isn't all it's cracked up to be when a pair of bumbling burglars named Harry and Marv, (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) calling themselves the 'Wet Bandits', set their eyes on the McCallister home and make plans to rob it. Kevin, however, has plans of his own and sets a series of elaborate traps to catch them.

Home Alone II: Lost in New York is set three years after the original movie, and follows Kevin as he accidentally boards a plane to New York City (while his family flies down to Miami). At first, Kevin has fun in exploring the city and visiting the sights, but after running into escapees Harry and Marv, he suffers a horrible accident and is hospitalized with severe injuries. As the boy fights for his life in a hospital bed, Harry and Marv struggle to come to terms with what has happened and are reminded of a personal tragedy that made them what they are. [1]

In the third film, a now fourteen year-old (and even more rebellious) Kevin is once again left to fend for himself at Christmas when he is grounded for cheating on a test at school. But he fails to remember his family's latest vacation to Hawaii (and they, too fail to remember him), leaving the teenager to the wiles of a small, local militia group, whom he is forced to outwit in his most daring and dangerous adventure yet. But has Kevin finally gotten himself in over his head?

The upcoming fourth installment of the franchise is titled Home Alone: 2015. Set in the year 2015, it follows the exploits of a now 33 year-old Kevin's son, 8 year-old Kevin Jr. (Rory Culkin), or KJ, in an even more high-tech world, where security systems have become more tamper-proof and elaborate, but the thieves aren't far behind. Laser stun guns, hologram traps, invisibility, and R/C-rigged hoverboards are just a few of the devices KJ employs against the bumbling burglars of the 21st century.


Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone II: Lost in New York (1993)

Home Alone III (1995)

Home Alone: 2015 (1997)

  • Upcoming: To be released in theaters October 1997.


Character Portrayed by Appearances Notes
Kevin McCallister Macaulay Culkin Home Alone
Home Alone II: Lost in New York
Home Alone III
Harry Lyme Joe Pesci Home Alone
Home Alone II: Lost in New York
Home Alone III
Marv Merchants Daniel Stern Home Alone
Home Alone II: Lost in New York
Home Alone III



Home Alone

  • Kevin - "You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?"

While planning the break-in.

  • Marv - "Yeah, kids are scared of the dark."
  • Harry - "You're afraid of the dark too, Marv."

Home Alone III

  • Kevin - "You really don't know me very well, do you?"



  1. – The idea for my Home Alone 2 comes from here, used with the author's permission.

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