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Hombrians are one of the five intelligent species that inhabit the Earth. Of the five, they most closely resemble real-world humans, but they bear certain characteristics of their ancestors the chimpanzees. Nonetheless, they are a techologically advanced race. The typical Hombrian is 5'8'' and weighs about 140 lbs. Their omnivorous diet leads to a complex hunter-gatherer civilization with limited agriculture in certain areas. They prefer warm climates, and live in the North Africa, Southern Asia, and the Middle East. The unarmed Hombrian is slower and weaker than some of the other races, but they have been able to make up for their disadvantage by being the only species to domesticate horses. Hordes of Hombrian cavalry constantly roam the deserts from West Africa to India. Hombrians have also been known to ride camels, donkeys, and even elephants into battle. Hombrians are a militaristic people, and their race is constantly divided between numerous tribes. But when united, they are a powerful force in global politics, mostly because of their craftsmenship and mercantile talents.

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