The Holy State of Jerusalem (Hellenic: Αγία Κράτος τῶν Ἱεροσολύμων Agía Krátos tûn 'Ierosolýmōn, Arabic: الدولة القُدس أُورُشَلِيمَ ad-Dawlah al-Quds Ūršalīm), was a church state in Southern Levant under the sovereign direct rule of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, from 841 to 1019. Even though it was independent, the Holy State of Jerusalem was de facto a buffer state between the Pahlavian Empire, Egypt and the Sultanate of Amman created under the auspice of the Roman Empire, who was the main military support during its existence. John VI (841) was the first patriarch that reign in the Holy State while Theodosius II (1019) was the last one.

List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem rulers of the Holy State

  • John VI, 841–842
  • Sergius II, 842–844
  • Solomon I, 844–860
  • Mark III, 860–862
  • Theodosius I, 862–878
  • Elijah III, 878–907
  • Sergius III, 908–911
  • Leontius I, 912–929
  • Theophilus I, 929–937
  • Christodolus I, 937–950
  • Agathon I, 950–964
  • John VII, 964–966
  • Christodolus II, 966–969
  • Thomas II, 969–978
  • Elijah IV, 978–980
  • Joseph II, 980–983
  • Orestes I, 983–1005
  • Agathon II, 1005–1012
  • Theodosius II, 1012–1019

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