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The Holy Roman Empire is an organization of German states.

Constituent States

State Capital
Empires (Reich)
SV-AustriaFlagHabsburg Imperial Federation Vienna
Kingdoms (Königreiche)

Flag of Bavaria (lozengy)Bavaria

SV-BohemiaFlagBohemia Prague
Flag of WürttembergWürttemberg Stuttgart
SV-NetherlandsFlagNetherlands Amsterdam
Grand Duchies (Großherzogtümer)
30pxBaden Karlsruhe
SV-SaxonyFlagSaxony Dresden
SV-BrandenburgFlagBrandenburg Berlin
Duchies (Herzogtümer)
SV-LuxembourgFlagLuxembourg Luxembourg
SV-BrunLunFlagBrunswick-Lüneburg Braunschweig
SV-HesseFlagHesse Darmstadt
Principalities (Fürstentümer)
SV-PrussiaFlagPrussia Königsberg
SV-MagdeburgFlagMagdeburg Magdeburg
SV-ThuringiaFlagThuringia Erfurt


SV-WaldeckFlagWaldeck-Paderborn Paderborn

Member states of the Holy Roman Empire

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