The Holy Roman Empire is more an organization than a country. It is formally led by a Kaiser.

The southern borders are: The Mediterranen sea down as far as Tuscany, then its eastern borders, until the eastern borders of OTL Modena province, then the northern banks of the lower Po river and from there the Adriatic sea.

The eastern border is fixed on the eastern borders of OTL Slovenia except Prekmurje, then OTL western borders of Burgenland, then the eastern borders of Republic of the Bohemian Union (FoR), from there along the traditional border of OTL East Pomerania.

The northern border is formed by the Baltic Sea, the northern boders of Danish Scandia,the Skagerrag and the North Sea.

The western border is composed from the line sepating the OTL french departments of Manche,Orne, Eure-et-Loire, Loiret,Yonne,Aube,Cote d´Or,Jura froim those to the southwest of them,then through the waters of lake Geneva and frome there along the Alpine slopes

Constituent states

  • North German Kreis
    • Kingdom of Westphalia
    • Principality of Thuringia
    • Duchy of Brunswick
    • Duchy of Oldenburg
    • Free City of Bremen
    • Free City of Hamburg
    • Kingdom of Hessen
    • Rhineland Palatinate
    • Principality of Nassau
    • Duchy of Oldenburg
    • Bayreuth Principality
    • State of Ostphalia-Anhalt
    • Kingdom of Jutland
  • South German Kreis
    • Kingdom of Bavaria
    • Kingdom of Wuerttenberg
    • Principality of Baden
    • Duchy of Hohenzollern
    • Duchy of Swabia
    • Republic of Austria and Styria
    • Principality of Tyrolia
    • Republic of Carinthia and Istria.
    • Helvetian Confederation
  • Slavic Kreis
  • Italic Kreis
    • Kingdom of Toscany
    • Kingdom of Lombardy
    • Principality of Savoy
    • Republic of Liguria
    • Republic of Mantova-Modena et Ferrara.
    • Duchy of Montferrat-Saluzzo.
  • Gallo-Frisian Kreis
    • Republic of Gallia
    • Republic of Francony
    • Republic of Holland-Frisien


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