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Holy Roman Empire
Heiliges Römisches Reich
Imperium Romanum Sacrum
Timeline: Fiat Iustitia
OTL equivalent: Holy Roman Empire
. 962 -
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor (after 1400).svg Quaterionenadler David de Negker.svg
Coat of arms
Capitalno official capital; imperial seat cities varied throughout history
Other cities Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt
Official languages German, Latin, Italian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, French, Frisian, Slovene, Sorbian and others
Religion Roman Catholicism; Lutheranism (officially recognized since the Peace of Augsburg 1555) and Calvinism (officially recognized since the Peace of Westphalia 1648)
Government Elective Monarchy
 -  Emperor
 -  Otto I is crowned Emperor of the Romans 2 February 962 
 -  Conrad II assumes crown of Burgundy 2 February 1033 
 -  Peace of Augsburg 25 September 1555 
 -  Peace of Westphalia 24 October 1648 
 -  1648 estimate 16,000,000