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Holy Roman Empire (Bella Gerant Alii)

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The Holy Roman Empire
Timeline: Bella Gerant Alii
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806)
Flag of The Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Roman Empire (dark green). External territories owned by vassals of the Emperor (light green)
(and largest city)
  others regional languages
Religion Roman Catholicisma (Protestantism - regional)
Ethnic Groups
  others Italian
Holy Roman Emperor
  Imperial house: House of Habsburg
Established 800
The Holy Roman Empire is a loose confederacy of German and north Italian states. The Empire is nominally controlled by one monarch, but states have varying levels of autonomy. Most minor states have been absorbed into the larger ones and many nations in the empire own land outside it.


The states of the Holy Roman Empire in existence in the year 1500.

  • Austria, owns land outside the empire, the current Archdukes of Austria are the Holy Roman Emperors
  • Prussia, owns land outside the empire
  • Bohemia, owns land outside the empire
  • Genoa, owns land outside the empire, the only state inside the empire to be a Republic
  • Lombardy, owns land outside the empire
  • Burgundy, owns land outside the empire
  • Flanders, owns land outside the empire
  • Baden, wholly inside the empire
  • Bavaria, wholly inside the empire
  • Denmark, can be considered as owning land inside the empire as its capital is outside the border

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