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Pepin I the Great 757-766

Charles I the Great 766-799 (766-770 disputed by Carloman)

Pepin II the Hunchback 799-802

Charles II 802-811

Louis I the Pious 811-840 (818-819 disputed by bernard and Roland, 831-832 deposed by Lothar)

840-843 Civil war

843-855 Lothar I

855-875 Louis II "Murus Ecclesiae" (the Church's Wall)

875-876 Louis III the German

876-880 Charles III the Fat

880-882 Guido II and Guido III of Spoleto (usurpers, Guido I and II as emperors)

880-884 Hugo I of Els

Bosonid dynasty

885-887 Boso I of Vienne

887-926 Louis IV the Infant of Provence

(915-922) (Alberic I of Italy, usurper in Lombardy)

(922-924) (Rudolf II of Upper Burgundy, usurper in Lombardy)

926-929 Hugh I of Arles the Traitor with his son Hubert I

929-934 Charles IV Constantine of Vienne

Ivrea/Anscari dynasty

934-955 Berengar I of Ivrea

955-964 Adalbert of Burgundy

964 title declared null and void by Pope Benedict V

(970-974 abortive and forcible restoration by Adalbert, later murdered; end of the HRCEW)

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