Holy Republic of Ireland
Irish Celtic Cross.png Arms of Ireland (Oval variant).svg
Motto"Be Faithful""Esto Fidelis"
Ireland (island) in Europe.png
Location of the Holy Republic of Ireland within Europe
Largest city Belfast
Official languages English
Demonym Irish
Government Religious dictatorship
 •  Cardinal of Ireland Joe Farrelly
Legislature Blessed Congress of Ireland
 •  Upper House Council of Bishops
 •  Lower House House of the People
 •  Catholic Revolution 1951 
 •  2001 Constitution 5 February 2001 

The Holy Republic of Ireland is a sovereign island state in Western Europe. It occupies the entirety the island of Ireland and surrounding islands. Its capital and largest city is Dublin and holds 1/3 of the population. The state shares no land borders and is surrounded mainly by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Irish Sea to the east and St. George's Channel to the south east. It is a Theocracy and has been since the Catholic Revolution of Ireland since 1950 and has remained widely supported since then and has been dubbed the caring dictatorship. The current leader is Joe Farrelly who is the Cardinal of Ireland.

The state originated from the Republic of Ireland which fell after catholic revolutionaries (which had been protesting already due to the governments continuing secular policies) overthrew the government with help from sitting TD's and large factions of the Irish Armed Forces. Political opponents were arrested but were later released and turmoil has been uncommon in the nation as the government have led a relatively fair regime.

The country is one of the richest in the world with huge support from the Vatican helps run the schools, health and many other services which are mostly free. The average income in 68,500 per year which is extremely high for European standards. The country has surprised many economic forecasters due to its success without huge support from the European Economic Alliance which it has refused to join. However the country continues to grow hugely and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

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