Holy League
(and largest city)
Official languages Greek, Latin
Recognised regional languages Armenian, Italian, Egyptian, Aramaic, Georgian, Transylvanian
Type Military and Political Alliance
Establishment January 1, 1825
The Holy League is a league of alliances established between the Roman Empire and various associate states in the Middle East and the Balkans. Established in 1825, the purpose of the League was to provide collective security and wellbeing to its members in the face of the rising Hashemite Caliphate in Arabia and the Zand Shahdom in Persia. It also offered a potential counterweight to the Holy Roman Empire under Hamburg and the Slavic League under Ilya Ilyich Oblomov.



The Holy League was drafted by representatives of the respective nations during a regional meeting in Constantinople in 1824 to discuss the rise of the Hashemite Caliphate and the Zand dynasty of Persia and what those new nations might do to destablize the recent stability in the Middle East. To that end, they decided to create an alliance to oppose any hostile actions taken against its members. Transylvanian representatives heard of this and decided to join in as well. The final draft was signed on 1 January, 1825. 

Peace in the Middle East


Founding Members

The founding members of the Holy League joined together in 1825 to resist possible aggression by Russia under Oblomov and the rising Hashemite Caliphate and the Zand Dynasty of Persia to the east.

  • Flag of the Roman Empire 1265-Present Roman Empire
  • 600px-Rubenid Flag svg Kingdom of Armenia
  • Flag of Georgia Kingdom of Georgia
  • Flag of Assyria (PM3) Principality of Assyria
  • Flag of Transylvania (PM3) Grand Principality of Transylvania

First Expansion

The first expansion in 1892 saw the addition of Vlachia and the Tatar Empire to the Holy League in an attempt to rebrand the organization as a bastion against Communism in eastern Europe. However, soon after, Vlachia was beset by Communist revolution. Rather than escalate, the Roman Empire compromised with the People's Republic of France, dividing Vlachia between the Kingdom of Vlachia in Wallachia and the People's Republic of Romania in Moldavia. In 1900, Armenia joined the Roman Empire. 

Second Expansion

The second expansion took place in 1907, when rising threats, primarily Communist expansion but also new tensions between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. 

Third Expansion

The thrid expansion took place following the World War, where new states carved from the remains of the Caliphate were inducted into the League as a way of limiting potential resurgence of an Arab empire. Two states, the Tartary and Assyria, expanded their territory while the new state of Hyrcania joined the League for protection, even though Hyrcania is majority Zoroastrian and not a Christian country. Along the same ideals, Iran was also offered membership if they so wanted, but Iran declined and pursued a neutral path in Middle Eastern affairs. 

  • Principality of Hyrcania

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