Holy Kingdom of the Rhine
Heilige Reich der Rhein
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Cologne, Mainz, Westphalia
Reich der Rhein Flag (PMII) Reich der Rhein CoA (PMII)
Flag Coat of Arms

In Lichte der Kreuzes (German)
("In Light of the Cross")

Capital Cologne
Largest city Cologne
Other cities Mainz, Munster, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bonn
Language German
  others Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others French
Demonym Rhiner
Government Absolute Monarcy
  legislature Reichstag
King Hermann von Gunterin
  House of: Gunterin
Established January 24, 1656
Currency Gold Mark

The Holy Kingdom of the Rhine is a relatively small-sized Kingdom in Principia Moderni II , one of the largest map-games. Alternate names for the Holy Kingdom are the Reich der Rhein, which can be simplified to der Rhein.

The Kingdom was founded by King Hermann von Gunterin, who was formerly a German prince in Cologne and duke in Westphalia. The Kingdom was formed in 1656, in order for the small German states of western Germany to be united, and hopefully to go without a major invasion, which would likely happen if they did not band together.


The Holy Kingdom of the Rhine is organized into different States, all of which then make up the Kingdom itself. The States of the Holy Kingdom of the Rhine are:

  • Principality of Cologne (Founder)
  • Principality of Mainz
  • Duchy of Westphalia
  • Duchy of Paderborn
  • Bishopric of Munster


Each region has their own set of cities. Each city represents a District of its State. Listed by State, they are:

  • Cologne
    • Cologne (National Capital)
    • Bonn
    • Aachen
  • Mainz
    • ​Mainz
    • Worms
  • Westphalia
    • Essen
    • Dortmund
  • ​Paderborn
    • ​Paderborn
    • Waldeck
  • Munster
    • Munster
    • Bottrop


The small states that comprised the Holy Kingdom of the Rhine all have their own unique histories and pasts. Some key events impacted all of the states, to be certain, but they all underwent different progresses in order to reach their current positions.

History of Cologne and Westphalia

History of Mainz

History of Munster

History of Paderborn


The current government of the Holy Kingdom of the Rhine is a Kingdom. It is organized into States, then Districts.The States are each fiefdoms, and led by either a Prince, Duke, or Bishop. Each District is named for the city that also serves as the District's capital city. 

Each State is represented in the Rhine Reichstag by their ruler. The Rhine Reichstag has very little power, but is used regularly as a advisory council for the King.

Foreign Relationships

As a relatively new nation, the Holy Kingdom of the Rhine is working to establish relations with nearby neighbors and other world powers. The primary ally of the Kingdom is Saxony. King Hermann's wife, Brunhilde, is the granddaughter of King-Duke Rupprecht II of the Unified Monarchy of Saxony, Hesse, and Magdeburg. She is also second-in-line to the Throne of Saxony, after her elder brother.


Unified Monarchy of Saxony, Hesse, and Magdeburg


So far, the Holy Kingdom of the Rhine doesn't have any enemies.



Since the Holy Kingdom of the Rhine is a new nation, there have yet to be any wars.


There are plans to invade Trier, which is currently in a state of civil disarray.

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