Holy Kingdom of Europe
Timeline: The Greater Americas (Map Game)
Flag of England Europe Seal
Flag Coat of Arms

Pro Aris et Focis (English)
("For God and Country")

Anthem "Ode to Joy"
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Cornwall, Dublin, Calais, Hannover, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo
  others French, Norman-French, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, German, Dutch, Spanish, Latin, Norwegian, Swedish
Religion Jamesian Church
Ethnic Groups
Angle, Saxon, Anglo-Saxon, Scott, Irish, Welsh, Nordic
  others Briton, Celtic, German, French, Norman, Norman-French, Swede, Polish, Anglo-French, Russian, Finn
Demonym European
Government Absolute Monarchy
King King James III of Europe
Currency Pound Sterling (£)

Controlled By - Bobalugee1940

Background Info

Formerly the Kingdom of Angland, they conquered large parts of northern mainland Europe before attacking Sweden, they conwuered Sweden and then attempted to invade Norway. After disastrous failures the Kingdom of Angland and the Kingdom of Norway entered peace talks and agreed to form the Holy Kingdom of Europe.

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