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Holy Caucan Empire
Sacro Imperio del Cauca
Hispanic Flag.png
Patria, Dios, Unión
Dios Salve a Nuestro Rey
Royal anthem: 
Triunfa, Caucasia!
Caucasian Confederation DAC.svg
(and largest city)
6°14′N 75°34′W / 6.233°N 75.567°W / 6.233; -75.567
Official languages Spanish
Regional Languages Indigenous Languages
Other Languages English, French, Dutch, Papiamento
Ethnic groups (2013) White, Mixed, Creole
Religion Catholicism
Demonym Caucan, Imperial
Government Confederal Elective Monarchy
 -  Emperor David I Ospina (Medellín)
 -  Head of the Diet Sergio Fajardo Valderrama (Medellín)
Legislature Diet of the Cauca
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Bolívar
Currency Peso (CAP)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY

The Holy Caucan Empire (Sacro Imperio Caucano or Sacro Imperio del Cauca in its native tongue, Spanish) is a confederation of loosely-tied nations located on the northwesternmost corner of the South American continent. Centred in the city of Medellín, from which most of the rulers come from, the Empire is more of a cacophony of several different states, which mostly act on their own vollition when not threatened by outside powers, such as the great empires of Peru and the Amazon.