Holt County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pacifica. As of the 2010 census its population was 476,983. Holt County's county seat is Whiskey Bay, which is also the state capital. It is located on Vancouver Island, is the most populous county on the island and is the 4th-most populous in the state. The county is analogous to the Whiskey Bay Metropolitan area.

History and Etymology

Holt County is named after Roger Holt, the founder of Whiskey Bay who died in 1837 and was the first person buried at Capitol Cemetery. Holt County was formed out of the Vancouver Island County in 1890 by the Territorial Legislature of Fraser Territory. Nanaimo County was split off from Holt County in 1899 when statehood was granted. Holt County moved from a commission-style government to a councilmanic government with a county executive as per a public initiative in 1980.

Government and Politics

The Holt County Council is a seven-member, district-elected legislative authority that is elected to two-year terms. The Holt County Executive, currently Jeff Busch (D-Whiskey Bay), runs the Holt County executive branch. The Holt County Courthouse and the Holt County Civic Center are located at One Civic Plaza and Two Civic Plaza, across the street from Whiskey Bay City Hall.

Holt County is a fairly liberal place politically, though in local politics there is a split between Whiskey Bay and Esquimalt-based Democrats and moderate Nationalists from the suburban and exurban parts of the county. Holt County is part of Pacifica's 2nd Congressional District, which since 2003 has been represented by Rep. Nick Rackaway (D-Saanich).

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