Holland is a nation that is apart of the HRE.
County of Holland
Graafschap Holland
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: County_of_Holland
. 1091 - Present
Counts of Holland Arms.png
Location of the Holland-Hainaut
Official languages Dutch, Walloon
Regional Languages Dutch, French, Walloon, and Picard
Ethnic groups  Dutch, French, and Belgian
Demonym Hollander
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Monarchy
 -  Count List of Rulers of Holland (Principia Moderni IV Map Game)
Currency Hollander guilder



A war between Friesland and Holland start in the year 1399. Victor marries the relative of the leader of Oldenburg in 1402. The Friso-Hallandic wars end in 1408. the nation wins the land of Friesland from the war. Count Albert dies in 1408. In 1411 the twins Samuel and Amber were born. Cardinal Bernhard Valois as of 1415 is now on a waiting list to see if he can get on the Papal Conclave (college). He would have to wait until there is an empty seat, which means someone would have to die so he could get on. War against Utrecht is started in 1416 with the sacking of Amersfoort. The war ends with the sacking of Utrecht's capital in 1417. In 1418 we send troops to fight against Brandenburg in the war. Our leader sides with Bohemia and the Emperor in this war.

The military had anywhere between 6000 and 10,000 troops.


The Count is the head of the nation. The Counts of Holland ruled over the County of Holland in the Low Countries between the 10th century through present.


  • Denmark (Trade)
  • Oldenburg (Alliance)
  • Sweden (Trade)
  • Cologne (Trade)
  • Bohemia (Alliance)
  • Pomerania (Allaince)





Our nation grows and produces vegetables, fruit, flowers, meat and dairy products.



  • Hainut




Map of the nation in 1408

Holland In 1410-0

Map of the nation in 1410

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