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United Union of The Netherlands
Vereingde Unie Van Nederland (Dutch) Union Unis De Pays-Bas (French) Union Vereingte Von Netherland (German)
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
Flag of the Netherlands Royal Coat of Arms of the Netherlands
Flag of The Netherlands Coat of arms of The Netherlands
Hollandia v5.3
Holland With European Union

Gods in Grote Wilhelm van zee tot grote naties (Dutch)
("God in Great Wilhelm from sea to great lands")

Anthem "Het Wilhemus
United States Navy Band - Het Wilhelmus
Capital Amsterdam
Largest city Brussels
Other cities Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Hague, Maastricht, Antwerp, Groningen
  others Luxembourgish, Danish, Frissian
Religion Christianity, Lutheranism, Protestant, Catholicism
Ethnic Group Dutch, French, Anglos/English, Germans, Low Peoples of Whites Descent, Europeans
Demonym Hollanders
Government Representative Democracy And Federal Intelism
  legislature Board Of Senate of The Holland
President Mark Rutte
  Royal house: Interim Commonwealth
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
Queen Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
Area 41,597 km² km²
Population 20.77 million (2012) 
Established 1830
Currency Euro
Time Zone Atlantic Time Zone

(UTC-04:00) Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)

Calling Code +31
Internet TLD .nl, .eu,
Organizations UN, EU, NATO, US Military Command
Holland Is known as United Union of Holland Is Largest Trade Arsenal And Major Powers And Superpowers In World And Netherlands Has EU Members And Major Fourteenth Half Lunar Landing Nation On Earth

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