Hogan's Heroes is a 1990 American action-thriller/espionage film, based on the 1960s television series of the same name and produced by Paramount Pictures. Set in 1942, the film follows the efforts of the enigmatic Col. Robert Hogan, a US Army Air Corps officer, and his motley crew of saboteurs, all POWs in the fictional Nazi Austrian prison camp Stalag 13, situated near the city of Debrecen. When a prototype Austrian jet bomber crashes only miles from the camp, Col. Hogan and his men make every effort they can to infiltrate the salvage crew, obtain photographs and blueprints, and send them off to Britain (via Germany and France), risking their lives to do so. Despite receiving positive reviews, generating nearly $500 million in revenue worldwide (not counting DVD and blu-disc sales), and garnering a huge US and international fanbase, the film has yet to receive a sequel.

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