City of Hoffnung
Stadt der Hoffnung
Timeline: Confederation of States

OTL equivalent: Berlin
Flag of Germany No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Blut und Ehre (German)

Anthem "none"
Capital Hoffnung
Largest city Hoffnung
Language German
Religion Protestant (55%), Hitlerism (44%), Catholic (1%)
Ethnic Groups
  others none
Demonym Hoffnunger
Government Elected Autocracy
  legislature none
Established March 3, 1955
Currency Deutsch Mark


Hoffnung was founded on March 3, 1955 with the Verkündigung der Hoffnung (English: Proclamation of Hope). The proclamation was signed by 95 people including the 34 SS guards of Hitler and 60 men and women whom had been found in the city and Hitler.

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