The Hockey Superleague (Russ: Хоккейная Суперлига/Hokkejnaya Superliga), or simply the Superleagues, is an Alaskan professional ice hockey league comprised of 20 teams in two divisions. It is the highest level of hockey play in Alaska, where it is considered the national pastime and whose teams have a rabid and passionate following. The Superleagues are regarded as a level of play above the semi-professional Elite Leagues (Хоккейная Элитная Лига/Hokkejnaya Jelitnaya Liga) or the amateur-level Alaskan Hockey League (Аляскинская Хоккейная Лига/Alyaskinskaya Hokkejnaya Liga).

The best 8 teams from the Superleagues compete for the Crystal Cup in a year-end tournament with three-game series of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. (Кристаллическая Чашка/Kristallicheskaya Chashka), an ornate cup likely modelled on the NHL's Stanley Cup.

Members of the Superleagues

East Division

  • Dynamo Mikhailgrad
  • HC Evgenigrad
  • Medved Kialgory
  • HC Spartak Kialgory
  • Metallurg Novominsk
  • Lokomotiv Detovalsk
  • HC Selienkov
  • Imperija Novostroya
  • HC Krasnov
  • Torpedo Bozhone

West Division

  • HC Sofiyagrad
  • Soldat Rozangrad
  • Imperija Sitka
  • CSKA Aleksandrgard
  • Avangard Aleksandrgrad
  • Palomnik Feodorograd
  • HC Kodiak
  • HC Delfin Unalaska
  • Tigr Petropavlovsk
  • HC Okhotsk

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