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King of Vinland from 1183 - 1194 (Assisted by Ånen Yndestad until 1184) 

1171 - 1194  

After his father, Dagvard, died, Hjörleifur took the throne at the age of thirteen. His kingship was a transitional one, as he made peace with the colonizers from Novum Byzantia and had Vinland going through a surplus age.   

He was largely focused on exploring (even more so than his ancestors), and sent many explorers to move Vinland west. He was one of the last kings that was able to send explorers out without paying the price for it.  

He was a quite naive man, as he was raised entirely on a surplus economy. When he found the natives to the west fighting back, he was ready to begin total warfare. So, when the Inuit began to send organized troops to combat the Vinlanders, he retaliated instead of letting them riot.   

Being a terrible general, he died in 1194 in the middle of a battle. It ended his dynasty and caused rebellions for the months to come.