Hitoji Ikenaka, Daimyo (December 8, 1910 - September 11, 1970) was the Shogun of Japan from 1967 to 1970, one of the shortest terms of office in postwar Japan. He was the successor to the popular and powerful moderate shogun Ichiro Tanaka, who had served since 1953 and was regarded as his mentor. Ikenaka respectfully committed seppuku on September 11, 1970 after the collapse of the Mitori Nippon Bank and the subsequent stock market crash on September 8. He was succeeded by Asano Hinaga. Ikenaka was the last sitting shogun to commit seppuku until Kosuke Hirosha in 2011. Ikenaka was the first shogun born in the 20th century and first who had not been an officer during the Pacific War in postwar Japan.

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